There’s a lot of strange people out there, but it seems three of them have congregated under the name of Bulbul to make catchy and straight-forward rock songs laced in LSD and dripping with the sounds of what is apparently a bunch of ‘instruments’ they found, including tennis rackets, umbrellas and bicycle wheels.

These oddballs are preparing to unleash their first record in six years, entitled Hirn Fein Hacken, which aptly translates to ‘get your brain chopped into pieces’. In preparation, the group have unleashed a new track by the name of ‘Fire‘ to tangle a few wirings in your head as they take genuinely infectious and upbeat music and make it into a delightfully deranged racket by backing it up with a whole host of odd sounds and quirks. It’s not particularly heavy, but if you’re enticed by the sounds of Primus channeling The Residents through The Kinks then you’re in for a treat.


– DL

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