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While not overly familiar with the Seattle deathcore troupe I Declare War, I recently took notice of them when I discovered this t-shirt available on their online store. As a big fan of brash, in your face and borderline moronic clothing, I instantly snapped it up. ‘Quiet’,  the first song from their fifth album We Are Violent People By Nature, much like aforementioned t-shirt is brash, in your face and again, borderline moronic. But guess what? It’s actually pretty good.


The deathcore lyric video has flooded YouTube recently and from time to time one of them will stand out with interesting lyrics or a novel concept. ‘Quiet’ is not one of them. The song itself moves along at a steady, bang-a-long pace with breakdowns scattered throughout. There is nothing here that hasn’t been heard before but the combination of meathead vocals and boot filling bass heavy beatdowns are satisfying to some extent, IF you are capable of letting your synapses fire slower than usual for the duration. Currently touring as direct support to Carnifex (who are also releasing their fifth deathcore record this spring) these ignorant but still good fun jams can be heard across the States should you wish to partake.

We Are Violent People By Nature hits shelves and online April 15th on Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie. Check the full track list below for more ‘core.

01 – Quiet
02 – Tomb Sleep
03 – Blurred Vision
04 – Black Heart
05 – Noose
06 – Shadow Man
07 – A Dark Hole To Crawl Into
08 – The Band Man
09 – Eternal I Sleep
10 – We Are Violent People By Nature





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