destrage are you kidding me

Strong album-of-the-year contenders and all-around Italian mentalists Destrage are in full swing with the hype train of their new album Are You Kidding Me? No, with a new track seeming to surface every few days now. If you haven’t kept up, then enter the deranged world of jogging zombies in ‘My Green Neighbourand the muted bleak world of ‘Purania.

But if you’ve already done your homework, then the latest track to gouge a mark into your eardrums is ‘Host, Rifles And Coke‘, delivered by Metal Insider. It’s a little more ‘song-oriented’ and doesn’t really have that trademarked moment where the band’s train of thought detaches itself from the track and begins stomping and writhing all over it’s surroundings before casually continuing it’s journey, but it’s still a condensed four minute look into one of the most exciting bands around today. So don’t miss out.

– DL


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