destrage my green neighbour

This Destrage record is looking to be one of the more immediately weird records coming out in 2014. Channeling the unbridled insanity of SikTh and making music that sounds like PsyOpus pulled through the Van Halen back catalogue, it’s an acquired taste but one that will sit well with anyone that likes their metal fidgety and unpredictable.

Our first taste of their upcoming new album, Are You Kidding Me? No, comes in the form of a video for a track entitled ‘My Green Neighbour‘. And to match the music, that extols the virtues of shooting zombies in the face, the video is also completely off the wall.


Honestly, I have no idea how on Earth they came up with that idea for the video, but I guess the sheer absurdity of it makes it all the more memorable. And it helps that the track is infectious as anything, combining huge choruses and some frankly insane fretboard acrobatics to boot.

Are You Kidding Me? No is set for a March 4th release through Metal Blade Records.

– DL


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