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If the zombie ridden world of My Green Neighbour‘ didn’t tip you off, then you should probably be made aware that Destrage are completely bonkers. Their music is a non-stop jittering rollercoaster of swaggering riffs with huge choruses and frantic fretboard abuse complimented by equally frantic vocals, culminating in a sound that sits at a point some between PsyOpus and Van Halen. To follow up on the aforementioned ‘My Green Neighbour‘, the group have churned out a new video for ‘Purania‘ that explores a bleak and muted dystopia, complimented by a suitably insane soundtrack. Check it:


The video comes courtesy of FEARnet and shows off exactly why this band are turning so many heads recently. A few in the staff group have heard their upcoming album Are You Kidding Me? No, from which ‘Purania‘ is taken, and by all accounts it’s not one to be missed so mark the 4th of March on your calenders.

– DL

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