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Earlier today, Bloodbath issued an announcement via their Facebook page, opening with the astonishing revelation that the band has already written ten new tracks. If that doesn’t have you running for your corpse paint, not only does it look like we’ll be destroyed by a new album soon but it will apparently be featuring a brand new vocalist. We can only guess at his identity but the benign souls over at Bloodbath have graced us with a few helpful clues:

“Still curious who’s gonna sing on this one? Well, we’ll leave you with these disasters to see if any of you smart-azzez can figure it out
Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors is found dead in his bathtub in Paris, France.
A cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, in the Indian state of Odisha, kills 10,000.
A fire at a 22-story hotel in Seoul, South Korea kills 158 people.
A stairway crush as crowds leave the Rangers vs. Celtic football match in Glasgow, results in 66 deaths.
A fire in a mental hospital at Burghölzli, Switzerland, kills 28 people.
A landslide at Chungar, Peru crashes into Lake Yanahuani, killing 200.
An earthquake lasting 20 seconds destroys most of Bingöl, Turkey – more than 1,000 are killed, 10,000 made homeless.
An air crash at Rijeka Airport, Yugoslavia kills 78 people, mostly British tourists.
The new singer for Bloodbath is born. Oh dear.”

Our friends over at No Clean Singing have done some leg work, coming to the conclusion that the mystery singer is none other than Jörgen Sandström, vocalist for Torture Divison, formerly of Entombed and Grave fame. If that turns out to be correct, we can trust that the new album will have some truly brutal vocals to accompany the undoubtedly demolishing music we will be getting. One can only hope that this marks another bloody milestone in the illustrious career of these unapologetic kings of metal.



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