Festival Primer 2017

How to navigate the sheer number of festivals now available for the metal fan? With the aim of helping you sort through this vast variety, we’ve compiled the following primer. It’s by no means extensive; it’s simply impossible to write about all of the festivals we would have liked to mention. We focused on those we’ll be attending and on those who have the most attractive setlists in our eyes. That being said, do feel free to share more great festivals with us in the comments and please enjoy this, our selection of festivals for 2017.

Friday Rapid-Fire Reviews: Revocation, Over Your Threshold, and Grave

Revocation – Teratogenesis [09/25/12] [Scion A/V Metal] Revocation is not only wholly incapable of writing boring material, but seem to alter their sound in a slightly more interesting way for each release. Enter Teratogenesis, the group’s new metal-thrashing-mad lightening shredfest released through the unexpected kings of kickass metal, Scion A/V.…