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As you should by now be well aware, our friends in symphonic deathcore group Lorelei have dropped their debut album Lore of Lies last week and it’s making waves around the internet. As of this posting, it’s in the top 5 best selling metal records on Bandcamp this week alongside Cloudkicker‘s latest record Subsume and the stellar new record from Greek “astrogrind” group Dephosphorus. It’s no coincidence that Lorelei shares in this honor; Lore of Lies is one hell of an album.

The band’s first ever music video came a day after the album’s release, and not surprisingly, it touches on some of the occult subject matter carried throughout the album. There’s some witchy fuckery going on. Check out the video below.


If you haven’t picked up Lore of Lies yet, you can do so over at Bandcamp.

– JR


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