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There’s some confusion as to what Devin Townsend‘s upcoming country/western inspired release Casualties of Cool is actually going to be. Will the album be released under the Devin Townsend Project moniker or will it act as its own entity? Devin Townsend’s camp took to social media today to clear it all up, as well as shed light on the new project’s release plans.

Casualties of Cool, as it turns out, will not be another addition to the Devin Townsend Project discography, and instead will be its own standalone entity. I’m not sure I like the idea; considering how diverse Devin’s solo project is and its often open-door attitude regarding collaboration, I can’t imagine why Casualties wouldn’t work as another DTP album. That’s clearly not the case as far as Devin is concerned, and I’ll have to fight against my desire to file the record under Devin Townsend Project once it drops.

Regarding release plans, Devin’s Facebook page dropped some news that the album will be independently released pending the success of an upcoming crowd-funding campaign:

It’s time for us at team Dev to shift our focus to Devin’s next musical adventure: Casualties of Cool. We’ll soon launch a 3 month long crowd funding campaign on PledgeMusic since we’ll be releasing this album without a record label to back it up and we’ll need some serious funds to produce nice looking album packaging and get us a great promo video as eye candy. More details on all of this in the coming weeks but here’s a brand new picture [above] of Devin and the lovely Ché Dorval (main vox on the record, you might remember her from DTP’s ‘Ki’ album) already as a bit of a tease…

Meanwhile, Devin himself has opened up on Twitter regarding the impending campaign:

So for almost a year now, we’ve been planning a Pledge campaign… it’ll start in a couple of weeks. Been a hard decision… I’ve been working to get an absolute ton of content and great stuff for people to be involved with, filming videos and making tons of music. It will be under the ‘Casualties Of Cool’ project, but anything over and above goes into Ziltoid. This is about making an awesome thing. I have such lofty goals for these upcoming projects and would love to involve folks in it to see how far we can take these ideas… Again, its been difficult in my mind to make it awesome for people, so I’ve been working on an absolute ton of stuff to include…

Because its Monday and I’m swamped, I will just say that I have a ton of projects and ideas on the go Im really excited to tell you about… …More info once I clear my workload for the day and get my guitar gear fixed up (touring beats every piece of gear you own into

This album can’t get here soon enough, and with a fanbase as dedicated and rabid as Devheads are (I made this up just now; it will surely stick) it’ll meet its goal comfortably. I just hope there will be vinyl options.

As always, more info when we get it!

– JR

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