We’re a solid week into February and I’ve already got a handful of favorites from the year so far. The first album to really throw me through a loop this year is Ravenous Solemnity, the third LP from Greek metallers Dephosphorus. I realize that many readers require a concise genre tag in order to be swayed to give a band the time of day, but Dephosphorus are the kind of act that are legitimately hard to pigeonhole. The band peddle a vicious blend of grindcore, black metal, punk, death metal, and doom. Given their shapeshifting, it’s no wonder why the band felt the need to invent their own genre, astrogrind.

Apt a genre as any for sure, but regardless of whatever you want to call it, Ravenous Solemnity is a stellar record that you absolutely need to hear if you’re into complex, dense, and progressive extreme music. Invisible Oranges has the exclusive full album stream, so clear out 40 minutes today and give this thing a spin.

Ravenous Solemnity is out February 10th via Handshake Inc. Get vinyl here and digital download at Bandcamp.

– JR

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