wild throne

Listening to Wild Throne, it’s hard to pin-point exactly where they’re coming from. One minute they’re crooning a chorus so infectious it’ll have you out in a rash and the next they’re stomping on effect pedals and delivering a whirring cacophony of fuzz and swaggering rock and roll.

I guess the easiest thing to say would be, that I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time today spinning their upcoming three track EP Blood Maker and now you can too with the release of it’s title track over at Stereogum. Fans of The Fall Of Troy and The Mars Volta that would prefer their music to shamelessly rock out occasionally will easily be in love here and if that one taster isn’t enough, then you can check out the group’s video for the blistering ‘Shadow Deserts‘ and try not to get caught up in that chorus:


– DL

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