Pyrrhon Mother of Virtue promo

If you like your death metal spanning dimensions of time and space that are only accessible to most Lovecraftian of monstrosities, then you’ll love Pyrrhon. Their debut full-length, An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master, certainly made waves that saw the group not only being picked up by none other than Relapse Records, but also working with both Ryan Jones of Today Is The Day and Colin Marston on the recently announced follow up, The Mother Of Virtues.

Balkanized‘ is our first look at the writhing appendages of the record and, without much hyperbole, it’s a mind melter. Delightfully off-kilter and forever twisting, Pyrrhon conjure some truly twisted riffs and a sickening atmosphere alongside it. It’s basically the audio equivalent of that truly terrifying artwork you see above. Check it and if you start to feel woozy; pause it, close your eyes, hold tightly onto the desk and try again later.


The Mother Of Virtues will be the least funny joke released on April Fools Day in 2014.

– DL

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