Triple Brutal

They said it was going to happen, but I wouldn’t have blamed you for doubting it. The new Austrian Death Machine album has just been confirmed to be released later this year, through a post on the groups Facebook page, which is apparently run by one of the guitarists, presumably JP Gericke of Death By Stereo. You can read it here, but it’s pretty short and sweet so I’ll make it available below too:

Artery Recordings has teamed up with Ahhnold to release Austrian Death Machine’s new record “Triple Brutal.” The record will hit retail stores and digital outlets on April 1st 2014. Triple Brutal was previously crowd funded on Indiegogo and had massive support. All contributors will start receiving their packages on March 28th. Austrian Death Machines previous record Double Brutal topped the scales and sold over 60,000 copies. Royalties from Triple Brutal will be going to the World Vision Charity. For more information on the charity you can go here. (

Here’s the track they released with the announcement, unfortunately entitled ‘I’ll Be Back‘:


So, yeah , it’s good that the band are actually upholding their end of the whole Indiegogo bargain but it’s obviously a little tainted now. However, when they’re donating all royalties to a charity it’s hard to not see this as a good move.

Interestingly though, a back and forth between a fan and the page itself from the comments on the Facebook page revealed this little snippet:

“Probably the last we’ll hear of em, at least they are still releasing it!”

Austrian Death Machine: “No it will not be the last you hear of ADM!”

Take from that, what you will.

– DL

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