lorelei lore of lies

We’ve been waiting the better part of a year to hear the debut album from North Carolina-based symphonic and progressive deathcore act Lorelei. The album has been undergoing production down to the wire until its release last night, and it has blown us away.

Shades of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Betraying The Martyrs, and even homestate heroes Between the Buried and Me are present in the album’s array of influences. Lore of Lies is a record that gets greater as it sprints forward, particularly the 12-minute epic finale in the album’s title track. Frontman Michael Rumple says that ‘Lore of Lies’ was a “pain in the ass to write/record,” but hopefully once the dust settles from their debut the band will dabble with more tracks like this in the future.  You’re gonna want to stick with this album until its maddening, mind-bending conclusion.

Stream and purchase Lore of Lies via the Bandcamp player below.

– JR

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