Money, as it always has, gets in the way of all good things. The grandiose and symphonic death metal of Fleshgod Apocalypse deserves to be the soundtrack of a million untold battles and unseen legends, but despite their equally epic live show garb, their presence in the visual world has been unfortunately sparse.

Thankfully though, with the release of their new video for ‘Pathfinder‘, from last year’s Labyrinth, it seems the band are finally getting the visual accompaniments they deserve:


Pathfinder‘ was premièred over at Metal Hammer in the UK and Decibel Magazine in the US and while, yes it’s extremely cheesy (for a moment I thought the Minotaur head was meant to be an actual Minotaur), I’d love to see them continue down this path. The ending definitely suggests they could continue the story as I’m pretty sure that’s not how the traditional story of Theseus culminates, but still, these things are pretty costly. Here’s to hoping.

– DL

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