ulver sunn terrestrials

The first ever full-length collaboration from drone/ambient associates Sunn O))) and Ulver is now available for streaming in its entirety ahead of tomorrow’s release. Get lost in the glorious cinematic soundscapes of Terrestrials over at Pitchfork.

The album has been spinning at Heavy Blog HQ for a few weeks and I’m sure it won’t take any stretch of the imagination to guess that our upcoming review is going to be quite positive. Don’t wait to take our word for it though. Clear out forty minutes and stream Terrestrials ASAP. Even if you don’t like lengthy drone tracks, there’s something special about this release.

The album is out tomorrow, February 4th, through Southern Lord. Unfortunately, all the vinyl has sold out; Terrestrials is Southern Lord’s fastest selling pre-order ever. You can still grab a CD or digital download through Bandcamp if you’re digging the vibes.

– JR


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