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The majestic and meandering metal rhythms of Tosin Abasi and company are looking set to make a comeback later this year. Details are sparse at the moment, but there has been word of a release as early as this April being thrown around, so who knows? Regardless of that, however, is the fact that the band have unveiled a brand new track during their recent live shows and, the internet being the all-seeing and all-hearing version of AM that it is, footage has quickly been snapped up.


The video was taken from the band’s recent show at the HiFi, in Brisbane, Australia, as they were supporting Periphery. Thankfully, the sound is clear enough that you can discern a decent amount of what’s going on and probably appreciate that this sound seems to be leaning more towards the energetic and slight heavier work of their first album. It is only one track however, so probably not best to jump to conclusions just yet.

Keep an ear out though, we may hear more from the band soon.

– DL

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