the mire glass cathedrals

Either I’m getting worse at keeping up or this album came out of nowhere. But, dropped directly into our laps is the new album Glass Cathedrals from The Mire, whom you may remember as the band that rose from the ashes of the recently reformed UK post-metal group Bossk. It appears that after things fell through with an intended label release, the band took it upon themselves to publish their debut full-length without all the pre-release hype. I like it, getting right to the point!

You can stream the record in its entirety below, and can be purchased on Bandcamp for £4 GBP or $6.53 USD.

It’s a little soon for “omg album of the year?” talk, but if this holds up like their previous two EPs, we’re looking at an album that will dominate our listening habits for months.


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