Sunn O))) - LA REH 012

Sunn O))) are an enigmatic band for me and I’m just barely scratching the surface of their not only their vast catalog, but also their purpose in the world of music. On my first introduction to the band years ago, the point was lost on me; why would anyone want to listen to an hour of guitar feedback? Eventually, as I crawled deeper down the rabbit hole of experimental metal, it clicked to me. Sure, I’m not going to be spinning Sunn on the regular, but experiencing Sunn O))) is a physical and spiritual experience if you’re at the right volume and mindset, respectively.

Sunn’s latest excursion, LA REH 012, was released last week through Southern Lord without much of a fuss being made. Certainly with the impending Sunn/Ulver collaboration Terrestrials selling out of pre-orders like hotcakes, it’s easy to let a “smaller” Sunn release like this slip by. The two-track/forty-minute LP is your fairly standard Sunn recording, filled with mile-long drones and doomy feedback. Needless to say, you know what you’re getting into.

I was definitely feeling that first half of ‘Last One/Valentine’s Day.’ Something indescribable just resonated with me. ‘Invisible/Sleeper’ was a bit more off-putting what with the eerie vocal samples, but the “interplay” between the guitar drones and ambient synth pads is what I like to hear from Sunn.

If you’ve got the patience and the tastes for something like this, you can stream LA REH 012 below.

– JR

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