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I’ve already mentioned this before, but, my god, there is a hell of a lot of great death metal coming out in early 2014. Among those is the family-friendly fun provided by those little rascals in Prostitute Disfigurement with their new album, From Crotch To Crown.

If their name or legacy hadn’t tipped you off yet, inside this grimy little package you can expect super solid death metal of the brutal variety — the meat and potatos of the metal diet. And ‘Glorify Through Cyanide‘ is the perfect example of that, a tale of the atrocities of the Jonestown incident wrapped up in barbed wire riffs and neverending torrents of blastbeats. Check the lyric video, below:


The video comes courtesy of MetalSucks, ahead of the album’s February 4th release through Willowtip.

Also, I’m going to start compiling a list of lyrics that have only ever come up once in the history of death metal and will probably never come up again, and the first one is ‘sucking down their dixie cup’. Tune in next time for more hardhitting journalism here at Heavy Blog.

– DL


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