Nexilva signing

If you’re not familiar with Nexilva yet, I’d change that pretty soon. We’ve talked about the band before when they dropped a video for the absolutely crushing ‘Eschatologies, but now the band have returned with even bigger news in the form that they have signed with Ghost Music and Subliminal Groove Records for the release of their upcoming full length Eschatologies, that will see the grim light of day come the 7th of April.

The announcement came with the following teaser that showcases the intro to the album and a taster of their ruthless mix of symphonic deathcore and melodic death metal. Or something like that. Check it out:


But if that’s not quite enough for you to make an informed opinion, then be sure to check out the aforementioned video for the track from which the album takes it’s name. It’s extremely heavy, but ridiculously infectious — I’ve found myself coming back to it time and time again.


– DL


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