Gorod 2014

Gorod‘s various stages of activity and revolving door of lineup changes makes counting on new music a tricky prospect, but the French progressive death metal band have managed to deliver stellar new additions to their discography on a fairly regular basis. Their last three full lengths (not counting 2009’s Transcendence EP) were each three years apart, with their latest in 2012’s A Perfect Absolution being their opus. Modern tech/prog death with brief flings in jazz, funk, and salsa — what’s not to like?

So while I’m not quite ready to get my hopes up for a new album in 2014, the band are certainly taking steps forward. They’ve recently tapped Karol Diers of celebrated underground prog act Erlen Meyer as their new permanent drummer, and with the announcement came the following introductory video:


Diers is without a doubt an extremely talented drummer, and Gorod will certainly be better with him on board. The band promises “more soon” so hopefully a new album is in the cards, and it picks up where A Perfect Absolution left off. It was a brilliant concept album with the catchiest death metal songs I’ve ever heard, and the exotic genre-bending in the album’s later half cemented it as a modern prog classic in my eyes.

Here’s a cut from the album, in case you missed it:


– JR

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