There’s nothing quite like finding a band that you click with instantly. It’s just the best damn thing.

So a huge thanks to Terrorizer and Team Rock Radio, a new digital radio station based in the UK, who unearthed this vile lot for me. Nexilva are a Sunderland based death metal/deathcore band that could be described in a lot of ways; Born of Osiris with more death metal influences, Septicflesh if they were a deathcore band, Winds Of Plague but much, much heavier and less ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS UP MOTHERFUCKERS.’

Honestly though, Nexilva are just one of the those instantly satisfying bands that capture your attention immediately with their penchant for crafting slick, tech-y riffs and brutal, rhythmic chugs. And if you’re not sold by the time those final dying notes of new video ‘Eschatologies‘ clear, I don’t know what to tell you.


Head over to Terrorizer here for an interview with Connor Jobes and be sure to like the band on Facebook, you’re gonna want to keep an eye on this lot.

– DL

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