red kunz

Looks like I jumped the gun a little with that post  yesterday, as today Red Kunz, the project featuring Aaron Beam and John Sherman of Red Fang and Luc Hess and Louis Jucker of Coilguns/Kunz, released nearly two minutes of music from the collaboration in the form of an in-studio jam. It’s loud, noisy and fuzzy — everything we were promised. So, get into it:

[vimeo= width=560]

Sounds like a lot of fun and it’s also great to see Luc Hess repping Murdock there as well, those guys deserve way more recognition.

The one-off show will be held tomorrow(!) in Lausanne, Switzerland, so if you’re a denizen of that beautiful country then get yourself over there immediately. This is not to be missed.

– DL


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