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When video of Red Fang‘s performance of ‘Blood Like Cream’ on CBS’s Late Show With David Letterman from Friday, January 10th hit the net, resident Brit Damien said, “I’m guessing that’s a big deal.” While the relevance of David Letterman may be up for question when it comes to underground music (especially fans outside of America), there’s no denying that it’s pretty neat that a band signed to Relapse Records landed on a high profile late night show on CBS, pats on the back all around are deserved.

Of course, Ire Works-era Dillinger Escape Plan tore it up on Conan O’Brien and one of this site’s first ever posts was about Mastodon‘s lackluster performance on Letterman during the Crack The Skye album cycle, but it’s always nice when big shows like this recognize artists from our circles. What makes Red Fang’s performance even cooler is that Letterman’s orchestral leader Paul Shaffer adds some keyboard flair to the track.

So yeah, Damien. This is a fairly big deal.

Watch the performance below:


– JR

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