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If you’ve been following the Chimp Spanner blog over the last few weeks, then you’ll know about the Chimp’s recent run-in with the dreaded ‘deadline’ word. You read his full thoughts on the matter over at the blog, it’s definitely an interesting read, but the bottom line is, we got to hear a brand new demo of a track by the name of ‘Aurora‘ that came bundled with the new Metal Hammer issue. However, this is 2014, so I’m sure a sneak peak wouldn’t hurt, right?


Firstly, the track is pure Chimpy bliss, as is to be expected. But the real pleasant surprise here is the inclusion of those synths at the very beginning that take ‘cheese’ to a whole new level. Now, I don’t know about you, but with that new remake of Cosmos coming out soon somebody’s going to have to be able to deliver the super cheesy atmospherics for it, otherwise it just won’t be the same. Clearly, we’ve found the man for the job.

Be on the look out for a new album from Mr. Ortiz later this year.

– DL

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