It seems 2014 can’t wait to get off to a good start, with a brand new demo from UK based death metallers Cognizance being dropped on the very first day. If you’re at all familiar with the band and their previous EP Inquisition, you’ll know their particular brand of super-sleek and crushing death metal is not to be missed and, with the legendary Romain Goulon of Necrophagist taking the drum stool this time, it’s obvious the band aren’t wasting any time in stamping their mark on the year.



The two tracks, ‘Assemblage Of Ancient Authority‘ and ‘Deep Geological Disposal‘, also feature guest spots from JJ Polachek (7 Horns 7 Eyes) and Francesco Filigoi (Abiogenesis) on the former and Sylosis guitarist Alex Bailey on the latter — all available at a pay-what-you-want price over at the band’s Bandcamp.

Short it may be, but when the quality is this high, it’s really hard to complain. Here’s to hoping we see more of this lot in the near future.

– DL


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