We showed you ours, now we want to see yours.

2013 was great. We spent the whole week raving about the records we loved, throwing in albums from the old guard who continue to overachieve and from new blood that blew our minds out of nowhere, but judging by the way our suggested limit of ’10 records only per list’ quickly grew to 15 and then 20 in a matter of mere days, it’s probably fair to say that we were spoiled for choice this year.

But now, we want to hear what you thought were the high- and lowlights of the year. What bands did everything just right and put together albums that you’ll still be listening to in years to come? And what bands became your new favourite hidden gems?

Did you get swept by the huge (and pretty much justified) hype trains behind the Deafheaven and Ghost records? Is the new direction of Ihsahn‘s music an improvement or a deterrent? Was the return of Carcass worth the wait? Is the new Celeste album the definitive beginnings of crustgaze? Was Super Collider a severely misunderstood masterpiece?

OK, I was joking with that last one. Maybe the last two. But you get the idea.

– DL

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