Have A Nice Life

Post-Punk is a genre that I’m fairly new to. I still remember hearing Swans‘ The Seer for the first time and how different it was, but how much it moved me. It’s still one of my favorite albums, and I think that it’s a great album for anyone. Have A Nice Life play a type of post-punk influenced by Swans but put their own spin on it. It’s straight up apocalyptic, evil and effervescent, and it’s a really fun track. Give it a listen via NPR.

This song is from the band’s first album in six years, and will be out 2014 via The Flenser. Entitled The Unnatural World, I have a feeling that this album will fly under the radar, but for those who get the chance to hear it, will end up on many year-end lists next year. Pre-orders for the 12″ LP are available here.



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