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Shocking news reached the Heavy Blog HQ today, in fact, we’re considering taking the rest of the day off as this news will send ripples through the IMN-osphere. Read on at your own risk.

Rolling Stone, the classic print magazine notable for it’s ability to give bad reviews and then do a complete u-turn once they realise everyone else likes it, has unveiled their top 20 metal albums for 2013. This in itself was a shock, as imposing a rule of only including releases from the last year meant they couldn’t include metal classics such as Bob DylanNirvana and Creed. These modern-age music warriors soldiered on, however, and managed to put together a list that according to various credible sources, ranges from ‘pretty good’ to ‘not that bad’.

The full list can be seen here and includes entries from genre titans such as The Dillinger Escape Plan and Voivod and even appearances from some even fresher faces like Stomach Earth and Windhand. All in all, a list that any self-respecting metalhead could be proud of.

We got in touch with professional YouTube commenter and armchair music critic xxxYOLO420DJ0NT-IT024OLOYxxx, who stated:

no a7x = no care. ur site sux and u shud b ashamedd. this is evedent and smart ppl wooud agree.

The list was not without controversy however, as a recent statement from world-renowned Pitchfork suggests the list was actually lifted from them while it was idly waiting in the WordPress schedule queue. Using documents obtained by HBIH, we can confirm the list was originally to be published on Pitchfork, but was liberated from their site when various members of Rolling Stone snuck into the Pitchfork castle and stole their cravats and put real lenses in their once lensless glasses. Mass confusion spread though the Pitchfork camp and by the time they had recovered their sense, the list was long gone and published. The statement ends suggesting that this event has brought great dishonour upon and may spell the end for the site.

More news as we get it.

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