Every Time I Die 2013 by Josh Hulstein

I haven’t even had time get over how good Ex-Lives was and there’s already rumblings of new material from the Every Time I Die camp. Regardless, the band recently unveiled a new track, by the name of ‘Thirst‘, at a show in Los Angeles early last week as the intro to ‘A Wild, Shameless Plain‘ and naturally it has made it’s way to the net — it’s not the best quality ever, but it’s enough to get your bearings and realise that ‘Thirst‘ is another on of the those minute-and-a-bit ragers, like ‘Holy Book Of Dilemma‘ or ‘After One Quarter Of A Revolution‘, that they do so well.


Excite? Why, of course I am. 2014 is gonna have to do a hell of a lot to get anywhere near close the ridiculous output 2013 had but the addition of a brand new ETID record is definitely heading in the right direction. Maybe this time, I’ll actually get to see them live…

[via The PRP]

– DL


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