Death metal christmas

I’ll admit it, I’m a big sucker for ‘metal versions’. I know some people roll their eyes instantly at the idea and, yeah, sometimes it’s relied on as a cheap gimmick, but get the conditions and intent just right and you’re sitting on something brilliant. ake for instance, this new Christmas EP from Hate Eternal bassist J. J. Hrubovack. You’d be forgiven for skipping out on it, just based on the instant assumption of ‘how good can death metal versions of Christmas songs really be anyway?’

The answer? Pretty damn fucking good.

You know the old adage about how metal is the classical music of today? You can definitely hear that in Hrubovack’s take on Tchaikovsky’s classic ‘Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy‘ from the recently released Death Metal Christmas – Hellish Renditions Of Christmas Classics. Hrubovcak clearly agrees, stating:

 “Much of the music produced by the late 19th/early 20th century Russian composers was basically the death metal of its time. It was passionate, aggressive, bleak, dark, unconventional and open-minded, reviled and revered at the same time, disturbing and shocking to convention. I love aggressive and passionate music in any genre.”

What should be a half-hearted limp through a cover that could easily be interpreted as a tongue in cheek joke, instead becomes a dramatic and bombastic slab of truly crushing death metal. So go and check out ‘Dance Of The Sugar Plum‘ over at Decibel. And remember: drink and be merry, for tomorrow we praise Satan.

No wait, sorry, Santa.

– DL

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