Aether Realm

I did actually pick up on the new track ‘The Magician‘ from Aether Realm when it dropped at the tail end of last month but it got unfortunately lost in the ever-accelerating speed-run that my life has become these past few months. Which is a shame, because ‘The Magician‘ is great, so thanks to Islander of NCS for reminding me — comprised of equal parts Skeletonwitch and Ensiferum, this American-no-seriously-they’re-really-not-Scandinavian plow through some of the most majestic and grandiose riffs and solos you’ll hear all year. See for yourself:


You can grab the track here, from their Bandcamp page for only a dollar and trawl through the evocative lyrics that contain some drinking-horn raising highlights including ‘Stay true to your heart young warrior, keep your sword close by your side‘, ‘Release the power you keep inside your heart‘ and ‘Eeeeyuh’.

Hopefully, this track means we’ll see some more material from the band in the near future.

– DL


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