After what feels like too damn long, Animals as Leaders are back in the swing of the album cycle! At this point, the instrumental prog band have their established sound and a dedicated fanbase, so there’s certain expectations in place when it comes to new music from the group. While I can’t imagine being surprised by the group any time soon, there is something new and exciting in store for Animals as Leaders’ new album, and that’s live drum tracking!

Yes, instead of programmed drums out of Superior Drummer, Animals as Leaders are putting drummer Matthew Garstka to good use. Recorded at Swing House Recording in West Hollywood with Periphery bassist Adam Nolly Getgood as a producer, Garstka miced up his kit for the first live drum performance on an Animals as Leaders record. Hopefully the album will follow suit and offer some more organic tones as well. This day in age, drums are sample replaced and triggered out of existence anyway, but the thought is certainly cool. Hopefully this brings some more nuance and flair to an otherwise guitar-oriented group.

Animals as Leaders’ third album will be out next year on Sumerian Records.

[Via Lambgoat]

– JR


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