Here’s a question; where exactly does the questionable baggy jeans and terrible hair-cuts of nu-metal end and the bouncy, infectious fun of Skindred begin? I’m not really sure either. Either way, this new track, ‘Kill The Power‘ is sounding great and suggests that this upcoming album of the same name should make a hell of a splash in 2014 and may even make mainstream rock radio interesting again.


You’ll probably recognise the sample from Continent Number 6’s ‘Afromerica‘ (or that one song Kanye West did that was on Saints Row) — it’s interesting to see sampling being used in a way that isn’t completely jarring and garish, especially when you’re sampling a disco act.

Regardless, I’d be interested to see what you guys think about this band , I’m guessing a fair few will absolutely detest it, but honestly I can’t quite put my finger on what makes these guys so compelling compared to everyone else.

Huge thanks to the great people over at American Aftermath for pointing this one out to me.

– DL


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