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The Haunted Are ‘My Enemy


So it would seem the old-school version of The Haunted are undoubtedly back with the release of a new EP Eye Of The Storm and a new/old lineup to boot. If you’ve followed the band’s trajectory from the beginning, through visceral and thrashy death metal to more melodic and subdued territory, you’ll probably know both eras had their merits. But it’s hard to deny that around the time of One Kill Wonder and Made Me Do It they were churning out some of the most instantly infectious death metal out there and ‘My Enemy‘ channels that perfectly:

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Yes, you read it right! Swedish thrash/melodeath legends The Haunted have been on hiatus since most of the members left last October, but now they’re back, and stronger than ever! The new lineup includes old vocalist Marco Aro (who was on the phenomenal albums Made Me Do It and One Kill Wonder, also currently in The Resistance), founding members Adrian Erlandsson, Patrik Jensen and Jonas Bjorler, and Ola Englund (Feared, Six Feet Under) on guitars! This is the perfect lineup of old Haunted members, with the addition of Ola on lead guitar.

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mikael stanne

Photo via Clayboy85 on Flickr

One of the original melodic death metal bands, Dark Tranquillity are still going strong after twenty years. Now, their tenth studio album Construct is on its way, and I’ve had the joy of being able to chat with singer Mikael Stanne about the album, his life and metal in general. He’s one of my favorite vocalists in metal, and he’s a great guy. So join me in my fanboy moment as Mikael shares the wisdom of a long and storied career as one of the innovators of a genre.

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Peter Dolving Quits The Haunted

Well, ok, I wasn’t expecting this one. However, according to a post through his Facebook page, Peter Dolving has quit The Haunted for the second time in their career, stating:

I am officially quitting The Haunted. After years of working with the band, I am out. I have had it. I will NOT answer questions to why. It’s no one elses business. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to seeing you people at other shows with other projects.

Despite the pretty obviously pissed off tone of the statement, I’m glad he’s choosing not to turn this into something far more dramatic. Time has shown Dolving can be an outspoken guy but we really don’t need another childish back and forth from a band who have parted ways with a prominent member. After the release of last years Unseen, an album which seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way, I wouldn’t have been surprised if things weren’t all bright skies and rainbows in The Haunted camp but it’s a real shame to see this split happen – I personally enjoyed Unseen as the first step towards a new sound for the band and was genuinely interested as to where they were going to take it for the next release. Hopefully, both camps will continue and I definitely look forward to hearing about it and if you didn’t get a chance to check out Unseen last year then here’s the band at Wacken cranking out the mid-tempo stomp of ‘No Ghost‘.

- DL

It’s quality of quantity this week, folks!

Agnostic Front – My Life, My Way (Nuclear Blast)
Assassin – Breaking The Silence (SPV)
Born Of Osiris – The Discovery (Sumerian)
Engrained – Deep Rooted (SPV)
The Haunted – Unseen (Century Media)
My Inner Burning – Eleven Scars (SPV)
Odd Dimension – Symmetrical (Scarlet)
Protest The Hero – Scurrilous (Vagrant)
Straight Line Stitch – The Fight Of Our Lives (E1)
Tesseract – One (Century Media)

High profile releases all upons! We should have a review of that new Born of Osiris album later today. You already know what we think of the new Tesseract, The Haunted, and Protest the Hero albums, so shop accordingly, eh?

Have a good week, everyone!

- JR

The Haunted have just released the second preview of their new album Unseen (the first being a live version of “No Ghost”) on the BBC Rock Show, so naturally it’s on Youtube already. I have to say it’s one of my favourite tracks on the album so I’m hoping that it’ll be a lead off single – and I don’t see why it wouldn’t with a chorus like that.

Unseen comes out on the 21st of March, just under a month away and I think it’s gonna annoy a lot of people.

- DL

The Haunted – Unseen

The Haunted


01. Never Better
02. No Ghost
03. Catch 22
04. Disappear
05. Motionless
06. Unseen
07. The Skull
08. Ocean Park
09. The City
10. Them
11. All Ends Well
12. Done

[Century Media]

If you’re already a Haunted fan then you probably know what’s been said about this album, how it’s the most pop-oriented record so far. Well the claims are true, this is a far cry from the band who screamed “Godpuppet” back in 2003 and still a little far off the band who released the amazing rEVOLVEr only a year later. Gone is some of the venom and bile from those releases, replaced by an emphasis on melodies and writing more memorable songs.

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The Haunted are a pretty controversial band. Accusations of selling out have been there for pretty much every album involving Peter Dolving, so they’re probably treading on dangerous ground when they’re touting their new album, Unseen, as their most catchy and pop-metal styled album so far. But come on, it’s melodic death metal; it’s supposed to be heavy and catchy all at the same time, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they mean by that.

Unseen is set to be released some time in March by Century Media Records, but the only new music we’ve heard is a live version of ‘No Ghost’ played at a Swedish radio awards show, P3 Guld, and it definitely has a more rock and roll swagger to it than previous material. Beards abound and tracklisting after the jump.

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From The Archive

The discovery of a new band is always exciting. Will it be something you’ve heard countless times? An experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Or is it a treat from which you cannot stop consuming? I wanted to take a trip back in time to reminisce about bands/albums that not only introduced me to heavy music, but kept me coming back for more…

From The Archive: The Haunted – Made Me Do It

The Haunted - Made Me Do It

Gothenburg metal, better known as melodic death metal, is a style in which plenty of people in the metal scene are familiar with, and for good reason. It was very prominent in the late 90′s with bands like, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, and In Flames being pioneers of this style, mainly for the fact that many of the bands at the forefront of the genre were from the Scandinavian and Northern European regions. It had trademarks of death metal, but incorporated the addition of more melodic elements such as, choruses, riffs and making more use of keyboards. I quickly latched onto this genre like a leech, scouring the internet and magazines for other bands that played melodeath, and since there are to many to list that I enjoy, I will start with a band that formed from the ashes of At The Gates, The Haunted

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You know. That guy. Ex-At the Gates and current The Haunted guitarist? Yeah, him.

In Flames posted this pic on their Facebook today:

With a caption that read:

Who’s this guy?

Now, I’m no expert, but things seem to connect here. Let’s do the math:

Lack of guitarist + iconic guitarist in studio + inconspicuous caption = new band member.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe he’s just there doing shit with the production. Hell, maybe In Flames are just a bunch of assholes. But I have my money on Anders being the new man. And if he isn’t? Well, I’ll commit seppuku on webcam. Live. Surely there’s a reason for him to be there and damnit, I wanna know why! Even a solo by him would be kickass.

In Flames’ new album release date TBD.


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