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The Faceless Announce New Bassist, Tentative 4th Album Title

faceless bass

Things definitely felt up in the air a few months ago when literally every single member but founder Michael Keene left The Faceless. How could it not be? While the band has always been known for its frequent roster changes, there’s never been a complete band change inbetween albums like this. Keene & Co. announced in February that Justin McKinney of The Zenith Passage would be the band’s second guitarist, and now it looks like the boys have a new bassist as well. Or is it an old bassist? Head over the jump to find out more.

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Irreversible Mechanism – Infinite Fields


Technical death metal is based in a duality of sorts: the music has to be both smart enough to lead the listener through the insane technicality with a sense of cohesion, yet not so out-of-this-world that it loses its audience. Combining deft, speedy guitar leads with fast-paced backing, tech death weaves its way through progressions and songs with the meticulous-yet-nimble nature of a surgeon at work, and with the same level of quick, practiced intelligence. This leads to some bands that create incredible things- tech death outfits like Spawn of Possession, Gorguts, and The Faceless have released masterpieces that engage the mind at the same time they assault the ears.

However, when bands become too entrenched in their own sonic proficiency, and forget that they are writing music for an actual audience, the results can be anywhere from decent to disastrous, and such is the case with the debut album from technical death metal band Irreversible Mechanism.

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Vale of Pnath Preview Pnew Track

Vale Of Pnath - fbookvid

One of the many bands on Unique Leader Records putting out a new album in 2015 (seriously, a lot of UL bands are releasing new stuff: WRVTH, Ovid’s Withering, and The Zenith Passage, to name a few), Vale of Pnath is exactly what you should expect from the label: mind-melting techdeath smattered with other influences into a combo that is somehow both unique and very typical of a Unique Leader band (not that that’s a bad thing at all).

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Entheos Are ‘Primal’ At Last

This is it: the hype period for Entheos’s debut EP ends now. The band have released the album for streaming over on bandcamp and let me tell you something right out the door: it’s going to melt your face off. The bass and drums are absolutely phenomenal, which should come as no surprise when you remember that they are fronted by Evan Brewer (The Faceless/Ex-Animosity) and Navene Koperweis (Ex-Animals as Leaders/Ex-Animosity). You know what? Just head on over the jump and listen for yourself.

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New Face Joins The Faceless

TheFacelessWelcomeA little while ago, Michael Keene was left deserted, the sole member of his technical death metal band, The Faceless. Yesterday that changed, with the announcement that he was joined by none other than Justin McKinney, lead guitarist and creative force behind fellow techdeath band The Zenith Passage.

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This New Entheos EP Is About To Get “Primal”


While they’ve been steady releasing snippets of new material, Entheos has been at work on their debut EP, and will be entitled Primal. The band has also decided on a release date, which will be on March 15th! Looks like we’re only a few weeks away from the closest we’ll get to an Animosity reunion. The group does feature Evan Brewer, Navene Koperweis and Frank Costa, after all. Head on over the jump for more details on upcoming shows!

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The Metal Community Remembers Brian Shields

Brian with BTBAM

[photo credit Jaime Cali, via Dustie Waring]

Brian had an incredible impact not only on us here at Heavy Blog, but on an immense number of bands across the west coast and throughout the country. In honor of his life, we asked members of many different bands that Brian was in touch with to share with us how he helped them musically, and how much an impact he had on their lives.

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Irreversible Mechanism – Outburst

irreversible mechanism infinite fields

Last year, technical and progressive death metal’s legion of fans were enamored with releases from Beyond Creation, Archspire, and Fallujah. Now, Belarus two-piece act Irreversible Mechanism (with the help of former The Faceless drummer Lyle Cooper on tap as a session drummer) are fast becoming a band to become the darlings of the genre for 2015.

Case in point: within twelve hours of their debut album Infinite Fields going live on Bandcamp for their intended independent release in December, our favorite label Blood Music scooped them up with a record deal and promptly removed the album from Bandcamp. Few people got to hear the record in that brief time frame the album was live, but those who have can attest to why Blood Music were so eager to be called home to this act’s new breed of tech death.

With the label now eying a Spring release, we’ve been given the honor of teaming up with Blood Music and Irreversible Mechanism to present a premiere of the album’s third track ‘Outburst‘, which you can hear after the jump.

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The Faceless Are Faceless Once More: Geoff Ficco Exits

the faceless geoff ficco by nick budosh

Despite their sizable fanbase (for death metal standards) and acclaim, The Faceless have been wrought with lineup woes since their inception. With each new album cycle comes a new batch of musicians centered around sole remaining founding member Michael Keene (guitars, vocals), and it appears that this time around is no different. The lineup that formed around the release of Autotheism has now completed its dissolution as frontman Geoff Ficco has announced that he is parting ways with The Faceless.

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