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Hey! Listen To Aronious!


Sometimes it’s important to just go to Bandcamp and have a look around. In case you weren’t familiar, the site’s handy Discover feature allows users to browse trending music in various genres, from new releases to what’s selling the best at the moment. This week, I noticed a name on the Top Selling charts that I’ve never heard of before in Aronious after being drawn in by the album art for their debut EP, Truth in Perception.

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summerslaughter logo

You may remember Summer Slaughter and the American tour-package that managed to rile the internet up by daring to change their direction and picking up Periphery and Animals As Leaders, alongside Cattle Decapitation and Revocation last year. Naturally, every mouth-breather and his brother took it as a personal insult and it resulted in some of the funniest and by extension saddest complaining I’ve ever seen on the internet. And that’s saying something.

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You may have heard rumblings of Conquering Dystopia, a supergroup featuring Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis, Alex Webster and Alex Rüdinger. Culminating in a tagline that will eventually read: “featuring members of Demisery, ex-NevermoreCannibal Corpse and The Faceless“? So yeah, there’s no way this could possibly sound bad. And thanks to a new fifteen minute preview of the album, then you can easily check that for yourself:

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Wes Hauch

The ever-revolving door of musicians that have been involved in The Faceless makes another rotation as they announce that they have parted ways with guitarist Wes Hauch. The news comes nearly a month after it was announced that Hauch has joined North Carolina de-facto supergroup, Glass Casket (Between the Buried and Me, Wretched).

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Do you guys remember that Glass Casket band that Between the Buried and Me guitarist Dustie Waring and drummer Blake Richardson were involved in? Well it looks as if after a long bout of inactivity, they’ve picked up The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch to join their ranks!

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the_kennedy_veil_trinity_cover1The Kennedy Veil

Trinity of Falsehood 

1. Ad Noctum
2. Eulogy of the Divine
3. Enslave.Defile.Erase
4. Trinity of Falsehood
5. King of Slaves
6. Seventh Circle
7. Necrotic Gospel
8. Beneath the Shroud of Atonement
9. Disciples of Dead Aeons
10. In the Ashes of Humanity
11. Perfidia

[Unique Leader Records]

“No throwbacks, no breakdowns, no wanking, no trends. Modern American Brutal Death Metal!”  This is a pretty bold statement taken straight from The Kennedy Veil’s Facebook page.  It seems that a lot of bands try to describe themselves in this sort of fashion but ultimately, most fall short, leaving listeners disappointed and/or enraged.  On the rare occasion, however, a band accurately fits their description.  The Kennedy Veil is that rare band.

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After The Burial – Wolves Within

after the burial wolves withinAfter the Burial

Wolves Within

01. Anti-Pattern
02. Of Fearful Men
03. Pennyweight
04. Disconnect
05. Nine Summers
06. Virga
07. Neo Seoul
08. Parise
09. A Wolf Amongst Ravens

[Sumerian Records]

In an era past, commonly referred to as the year 2008 AD, the fabled Sumerian Records released a volley of their best albums from young talent that are, to this day, regarded as the best works by those bands. After The Burial happened to be one of those bands, seeing the release of their monumental album, Rareform. Following the original release, a re-issue was done to introduce fans to the band’s new full time singer, Anthony Notarmaso. Though Anthony didn’t have the rather interesting vocal range singer Grant Luoma did on the original Rareform, he fit the band, bringing his own style to the table. Rareform‘s follow up, In Dreams, was met with jaded reactions from fans and critics alike. After three years, After the Burial have broken their silence with Wolves Within, a valiant leap ahead of the underwhelming In Dreams.

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 Kennedy Veil

I think out of all the many styles and approaches to metal, ultra-sleek death metal has always been the most reliable and faithful. Whether it be the melodic approach of The Black Dahlia Murder, the slightly more left-field influences of modern day The Faceless or the traditionalism and technical sway of Cannibal Corpse — I’m not sure I could ever get bored of it, it just seems like the perfect combination. The Kennedy Veil obviously are well-studied in this art and with the impending release of their new album The Trinity Of Falsehood and the corresponding cock-tease in the form of brand new track ‘In The Ashes Of Humanity‘, Unique Leader add another name to their ever-growing roster of formidable and crushing death metal acts.

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BTBAM headlining tour 2013

Almost a year after the release of their conceptual opus, The Parallax II: Future Sequence, Between the Buried and Me took to the road to perform the album from start to finish. Known for having a top notch booking agent and stellar lineups, they brought The Faceless, The Contortionist, and The Safety Fire in tow for support. New contributor Nick Budosh caught the final stretch of the tour in Baltimore, MD. Catch his photos from the show below.

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Dissonance In Design – Sentient

dissonance in designDissonance in Design


01. The Gateway
02. Between Space And Time
03. Entwined In Æther
04. Terminus Pt 1: Purpose
05. Absolution
06. Terminus Pt 2: The Cleansing
07. Sentient


The explosion of progressive metal acts within the past few years has paved the way for a lot of super talented bands and provided them with a thriving scene in which to share their art. Between the Buried and Me are really the forefathers of this movement, and they have inspired a legion of followers who are extremely talented in their own right and, in some cases, have even spearheaded musical movements of their own, such as Scale the Summit, The Human Abstract, and The Faceless. Of course, as with any musical movement, over saturation of bands tends to lead to diminished quality of musical output, as we’ve seen happen to the metalcore movement and the deathcore movement after it. Weeding through the junk to find the gems can prove to be a somewhat difficult task. Thank goodness, then, for bands like Dissonance In Design, who display the finest elements of everything that makes progressive metal so exciting and what’s more, are actually worthy of the moniker “progressive”.

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