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relapse 25 one

We’ve been excited for months about Relapse Records’ plans for 2015. Late last year, the label announced plans that throughout their 25th year of operation, they will be tapping into their extensive back catalog of records and re-pressing a selection of favorites that have long-since been out of print or are just now seeing vinyl release for the first time ever. The first round of represses have been announced and include influential albums from Human Remains, Pan.Thy.Monium, Amorphis, Incantation.

After the jump, be sure to check out cuts from each album. You may end up making an incredible musical discovery.

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relapse 25 years

CALLED IT. Vinyl nerds shall rejoice further, as Relapse Records have announced plans to expand their recent trend of re-releasing high-profile out-of-print albums from their back catalog of releases. No more scavenging eBay for a reasonably priced copy of Miss Machine!

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mastodon once more round the sun

It would seem that the new Mastodon record Once More Round The Sun is going to be trippy as all hell, because the artwork we’ve seen so far seems to indicate a psychedelic-infused madness. Oakland-based artist Skinner contributed all the frighteningly beautiful artwork to the group’s sixth full-length studio album, due out June 24th through Reprise Records. Album art of the year?

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townes van zandt

File this one under ‘something a little different’, because this is a world away from the standard distortion parade that usually reigns here.

You may have been aware of Songs Of Townes Van Zandt, the 2012 tribute album dedicated to blues/country artist Townes Van Zandt that featured artists such as Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint VitusThe Obsessed), and Steve Von Till and Scott Kelly of Neurosis giving their take on some his classic songs through their Neurot Recordings outfit. Well, the project has returned with Volume II, this time featuring a diverse line up including Mike Scheidt (Yob), Stevie Floyd (Dark Castle), John Baizley (Baroness) and Dorthia Cottrell (Windhand).

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temples fest

If you’re in the UK, you’re no stranger to the insane number of great metalfests we have every year, including Bloodstock, Damnation Festival, Hammerfest, Hard Rock Hell and even Download (depending on how kvlt you are). Now a brand new 3 day festival has popped up for those of us in the west country under the name of Temples Festival and features a line up of bands that should have any hardened extreme metal fan excited.

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a storm of light

Time to drown in some vicious sludge riffage with A Storm Of Light and their new album Nations To Flames, ahead of it’s September 17th release through Southern Lord Records, as you can now stream the entire thing courtesy of Noisecreep.

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baroness early learning

The earliest years of a band can easily be some of the most interesting in retrospect. They say you have your whole life to write your first album and only a few years, at best, to top it with it the second — this leads to some of the most revealing, raw and albeit less focused music you’ll hear in their entire career. With this in mind, I decided to take a look at some of the earliest work from bands that have carved out their own niche and tried to take a look at how these early sounds connect with their more recent work.


Baroness are somewhat standalone these days. Yellow & Green saw the band take their usually more vicious approach to proggy sludge metal and make it more introspective and subdued with huge infectious choruses and more standard song structures being a feature throughout both discs. And while they have their ties to the Savannah sludge scene, one listen to ‘March To The Sea‘ or ‘Sea Lungs‘ will convince you that no one does it quite like they do.

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author and punisher

Anyone who reads Heavy Blog regularly enough knows our love of extreme avant-garde music. The blending of metal with far-out influences allows for the creation of some powerful art, and one up and coming artist that has really captured our attention is Tristan Shone and his project Author & Punisher. I first became aware of his unique act after playing a direct support set for A Life Once Lost in a small convention center in my hometown. Upon entering the room, instead of the usual setup — guitars, drums, mic, what have you — a collection of odd machines and electronics sat on stage. It became immediately clear that Author & Punisher was no ordinary metal act; Tristan Shone is a true example of a one-man band, recreating his complex drone-influenced industrial compositions with an array of homemade machines. I was so impressed with his act that I approached him after the show for an interview, and we talked for a good twenty minutes about his setup and his new album Women & Children, among other things. Read our conversation below.

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Intronaut - Habitual LevitationsIntronaut

Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)

01. Killing Birds With Stones
02. The Welding
03. Steps
04. Sore Sight For Eyes
05. Milk Leg
06. Harmonomicon
07. Eventual
08. Blood From A Stone
09. The Way Down

[Century Media Records]

Intronaut are one of the most interesting progressive metal/post-metal bands out there. Best described as a mix of all the right aspects of Neurosis and Isis, these four dudes wowed everyone back in 2010 with Valley Of Smoke, and ever since then have hopped on countless big-name tours, with the most recent being a Meshuggah/Animals As Leaders tour, which was basically prog heaven. But when a band has such a stellar album, it makes the amount of pressure put on the band rise tremendously. Would they be able to top their best work? Would they succeed or would they fail? After may listens to their newest album, Habitual levitations (Instilling Words With Tones) the answer is simple: they have surpassed everything they have ever done.

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