Friendship – Undercurrent

2017’s Hatred came and went with little to no fanfare, and that itself is a crime against music. We didn’t cover it here, so more fool us. Not this time though. Undercurrent, the new record from Japanese hardcore miscreants Friendship, demands the attention that Hatred might have gathered, were it…

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OLAM – I Will Guide Thy Hand

I Will Guide Thy Hand, the debut LP of Indianapolis-based OLAM, is uncompromisingly ferocious hardcore, recalling Botch or the harder edges of Converge; the album is propelled by galloping drums, sharp shrieks and jagged riffing, songs frequently interspersed with slower brooding moments or a strategically patient bridge.  I Will Guide…

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Hey! Listen To Judgement!

Thrash and hardcore seemed to have this huge crossover a few years ago with Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste et al all dishing out dive-bombing, riff-fueled batterings, album after album; music to the ears of patched denim jackets across the world. A lot of the fallout from this resurgence, unfortunately, ended…

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Portrayal of Guilt – Let Pain Be Your Guide

My initial impressions of portrayal of guilt, mostly based off their self-titled EP, were that the band bore compelling similarities to You Fail Me-era Converge.  Holistically, both releases invoke the sense of urgency in the aftermath of trauma (something arguably still present in Let Pain Be Your Guide); more specifically,…

Jesus Piece – Only Self

Trying to convince some of the staff at Heavy Blog that hardcore can be great isn’t the nightmarish task it probably could be. Thankfully, outside of the rare shitpost thread, opinions and feelings about genres are shared genially; almost lovingly, at times. Everyone knows not to try and beat a…

Hey! Listen to the New Converge EP Beautiful Ruin!

Thanks to the spoiler-obsessed tendencies of the internet, you probably already saw that Converge are releasing a “surprise” EP today. The legendary metalcore quartet’s latest release drops less than a year after their acclaimed ninth album The Dusk In Us, which landed sixth among our Top 25 Albums of 2017. And honestly, there’s not much more to say than that; the declaration of “new Converge” will prompt fans and detractors to act accordingly, just like they always do when the band drops new material. But if you count yourself a member of the “fan” group, then Beautiful Ruin is a four-track treat of the band doing what they do best: scorching, multifaceted metalcore that’s as engaging as it is punishing.

Gaerea – Unsettling Whispers

Black metal is formulaic in nature. The tropes of the genre have been recycled and reused on an endless spectrum. Bands have been integrating strange things into the style for a long time, yearning to breathe life into the cold and desolate sound beyond the standard helping of meat and…