Audrey Horne – Blackout

“What happened to Audrey Horne?” It was a question that permeated much of last year’s Twin Peaks revival, and one which lingers long after its close. Yet, while the cult TV series’ timely return has brought such bygone contemplation to the forefront of contemporary pop culture, that very same question has been pressing upon my mind with regard to the musical sphere for some time now. Having peaked with their eponymous third album in 2010, this once lively group of Norwegians (who take their name from a prominent character in David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult television series, in case that introduction made absolutely no sense to you) seemed to degenerate—much like Twin Peaks itself—from underappreciated semi-cult act to middling pastiche with their two subsequent records. However—again, much like the origin of their namesake—Blackout sees this bunch of retro-rock worshiping ragtags return with their strongest offering in years.

97 – DMCA Us Right Now

Finally the crew is back on track! This week we talk about… Stuff. The charges brought against Decapitated, Spotify removing Infant Annihilator songs, Womanowar getting copyright stricken, Phil Anselmo dragging his own racism back into the highlight, Samael’s… incredibly tone deaf video, then new music or material from: Godspeed! You Black Emperor, August Burns Red, Coma Cluster Void, Good Tiger, Veil of Maya, Through The Eyes of the Dead, Gigan, Vulture Industries, and Shokran. Then, we talk about the new album of Eden’s band, Instar! And, per a fan request, we do a mini-interview of me regarding NYN. Enjoy!

Iced Earth – Incorruptible

Note: I am one of the biggest Iced Earth fans out there. I’ve loved the band since I was 16 and will always continue to follow them. They hold a special place in my musical upbringing. This review hurt to write, but you have to be fair to the things you…

33 – Edgy Pod Is Shitpost Cast

We’re back to our normal setup! And just like many artists who make a comeback past their time, we’re hella edgy this week. Since we skipped a week, this week is all news and discussion surrounding recent events! Like what, you ask? Well, Meshuggah’s 25 year package, Sepultura working on their new album, Manowar’s calling it quits, some random Christian band going full /r/atheism, Bandcamp’s dig at Apple Music, Justin of Sikth being replaced by Joe of Aliases, Lee leaving After the Burial, Dragonforce releasing a “best of” album, Pain of Salvation remastering Remedy Lane. New music or teases thereof by: Periphery, Revocation, Whispered, Metallica, Last Chance To Reason, Whispered, Thank You Scientist, Starofash, Stam1na and Machine Head. The passing of Nick Menza of Megadeth. The end of Temples Festival. Finally, discussing this trendy “best of 2016 so far” list, some Apple Music playlist that tries way too hard, and Gojira’s upcoming album Magma.

Make sure you don’t cut yourself with the edge on this episode!

Hey! Listen To The Voynich Code!

Not content with providing the moniker for power metal heavyweights Manowar, the Iberian nation of Portugal is now the home of a tidy little deathcore outfit in The Voynich Code. The five piece hail from Lisbon, a city famous for its rival football (sic) teams and for being the authentic…

Cut Your Teeth Make It Loud

For some reason, Cut Your Teeth just don’t get the attention they deserve. Their new track “If It’s Loud” was released just before the new year and is a 2 minute ode to everything that’s fun about hardcore and thrash, containing the sort of lyrics Manowar would write if they picked…

Turisas – Stand Up And Fight

Turisas Stand Up And Fight 01. The March Of the Varangian Guard 02. Take The Day! 03. Hunting Pirates 04. Venetoi! – Prasinoi! 05. Stand Up And Fight 06. The Great Escape 07. Fear The Fear 08. End Of An Empire 09. The Bosphorus Freezes Over [03/08/11] [Century Media] It’s…

Educating the Falses: The Tale of the American Battle Wizards Storming Through the Barricades of Moridor to defeat European Darkspawn Metalians of Power in the Battle of Scalzi

For the most part, power metal is universally a joke around metal heads due to it’s crap songwriting, lack of riffs, hardly touching down with “metal” because it’s so vagina-esque, and the unbelievably cheesy imagery, as seen above. I mean, that’s wolf shirt material right there. It might even be…