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Ihsahn 2014

Even though the Emperor reunion gigs have been the highlight of 2014 for legendary black metal musician Ihsahn, that hasn’t stopped him from hammering away at the follow-up to 2013’s Das Seelenbrechen, the latest in a series of critically successful progressive metal solo albums. Not only that, but in shaping the new material and lining up gigs for 2015, Ihsahn has formed a new live band from scratch, effectively relieving Leprous of their duties.

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really11-2-header-partoneIt’s been a great month of a great year for music and those of us privileged to write for Heavy Blog is Heavy have had our players working overtime.  But what have we really been listening to since the start of October?  The first half of our answers after the jump.

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Leprous - Live

For those of you not in the know, we recently had the pleasure to sponsor the North American tour of one of the blog’s favorite progressive bands, Leprous. The Norwegians just wrapped it a few weeks ago, and unfortunately yours truly was unable to work his pro-shot video magic when they stopped by NYC (thanks, Webster Hall). However, Heavy Blog photographer and all-around handsome dude Nick Budosh was there for their final show in Springfield, VA, and he brought along his GoPro to capture the entire set in all its glory. Hit the jump to bask in it. View Full Article »

parttwoIn the first part of our “What We’re (Really) Listening to, you learned the Heavy Blog staff likes everything from Repulsion to A Great Big Pile of Leaves. What do our next set of Heavy Bloggers (really) listen to? The answer after the jump.

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It’s been about a month since we peeked behind the curtains to see what the Heavy Blog staff is (really) listening to. We start our three-part update after the jump.

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leprous poster

On their first official US tour ever, mighty progressive metal giants Leprous took to the road after performing at ProgPower USA on a handful of dates. On board was, well, literally nobody as the Norwegian fivesome assembled local acts as support at every location.

It only seemed right to have photos of the tour we were sponsoring, of course, so please enjoy!

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schizoid lloyd

Here at Heavy Blog, there are few things we love more than avant garde music. There are also few record labels (read: no record labels) that we love more than Finland-based Blood Music. Therefore, it follows that recent Blood Music signees Schizoid Lloyd — who are marketed as a psychotic blend of Mr. Bungle, Queen, and Leprous — would be an act fit for our obsession. After being given an early listen of a new track from the group’s full-length debut The Last Note In God’s Magnum Opus, the logic checks out. Schizoid Lloyd are an act that you mustn’t do without.

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Leprous Tour

We are insanely happy to announce that Heavy Blog is Heavy is sponsoring the upcoming Leprous North American tour! Leprous are one of our favorite bands, ranging from their earlier, more hectic works, to the masterful melancholy of Coal. We firmly believe that it’s one of the best releases in modern metal and are thus very happy to lend our weight to the band’s upcoming effort. Check out the full dates after the jump!

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Leprous Announce Lineup Change


Source: Marko Ristic

It’s no secret that Leprous’s last album, Coal, is a modern day masterpiece. Even without that amazing album, they can be counted as one of the best and most original progressive acts of the last decade. It would be redundant to say that we’re eagerly expecting new material by them, since that is always true. Today, the band announced that gifted drummer Tobias Ørnes Andersen will be leaving the band and will be replaced by Coal tour drummer, Baard Kolstad.

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The Kindred – Life in Lucidity

The Kindred - Life In LucidityThe Kindred

Life In Lucidity

01. Wolvish
02. Heritage
03. Everbound
04. An Evolution of Thought
05. Decades
06. Millennia
07. A Grand Debate
08. Seekers&Servants
09. Dreambender
10. Like A Long Life
11. Cimmerian Dusk (Bonus Track)

[Sumerian Records]

Life in Lucidity may technically be the second album in the repertoire of The Kindred (formerly Today I Caught the Plague), but we’re going to treat it as their first. Life in Lucidity represents a huge step forwards for these musicians, one which displays a more mature and cohesive vision than the already-great, previous album, Lore. To sum up Life in Lucidity in a phrase: it’s intelligent, yet with a heart that beats.

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