Rewind – On Leprous, Dancing And The Joy Of The Crowd

It’s a relatively chill night and for that, I am grateful. It’s certainly set to be much hotter inside, as Leprous take their stage with their famously electric live act. I’ve arrived early, as I usually do, but after a few minutes of waiting, I step into this typically Israeli room. It’s not exactly what you’d expect from backstage; the venue is also a theater, most of the time. And so, old sofas are strewn about, refreshments are placed on a folding table and the whole thing gives off this strong vibe of an half-improvised backdrop to the interview. Except that, on the sofa in front of me, sit Einar Solberg (vocals) and Tor Oddmund Suhrke (backing vocals and guitar), in the by-now-trademark, sleek black clothes which Leprous usually don when on-stage.

Ne Obliviscaris Turn Their Eyes On The Industry And Their Fans To Patreon

Look, it’s no secret that the music industry as a whole, and metal music specifically, is undergoing a paradigm shift. Streaming, piracy, new business models and more are putting a dent into the presuppositions and assumptions which have kept it going in the past few years. More and more, we find bands turning to alternative financing models, whether it be subscription models like Protest the Hero or crowdsourcing like…too many bands to name right now, but sikTh, Aliases, Painted in Exile and Leprous spring to mind. That being said, what these new models mean and how they work is still very much a new field: what do fans expect in return and how does it affect their perception of the band? What should bands ask for and when?

18 – Engage The Riff Machine

Episode 18! This week we get pretty rambly and political, so warning! Opinions contained within! Including those on subjects like Kanye West, new Fallujah, new Wormed (see below), Eagles of Death Metal on gun control, Leprous’s crowdfunder, The Grammys, and Skuggsja. We also discuss the sudden passing of Riverside guitarist Piotr Grudzinski, Greg Puciato’s take on …And Justice For All, new music by The Odious and more. We finally get to talk about the techno thrash phenomenon of the early 90s, then discuss avant-garde metal, and go balls deep on Lamb of God! Enjoy!

Beyond the Veil: A Match Made in Seven, or Progressive Metal’s Affair With 7/8

Welcome to “Beyond the Veil”! In this feature, its name (partially) taken from the Gods of Eden track, we’re going to delve into some theoretical aspect of the music we love in an effort to elucidate the behind-the-scenes workings at play, but in a largely jargon-free manner intended to be accessible to those who don’t necessarily have a music theory background.

13 – They’re Trying To Build A Podcast

Eden’s back! That’s good, because we have a lot of news to cover this week. David Bowie’s passing is obviously on our agenda, as is Stereogum’s analysis of Nielsen’s music report, Textures’s new single, Obscura’s new single, and the Behemoth/Myrkur U.S. tour. Then we go into the in depth discussions of the week, the first being my overall review of System of a Down’s career as a whole, since I discovered them last year, and the second being accents of singers who aren’t native English speakers and how that affects their music. Don’t forget the off topic section at the end as well!

10 – Of 2015 And Blog

Welcome to the final episode of the year! This week we go over what happened in the metal world in 2015, both in terms of our favorite albums of 2015, happenings in the scene, and some articles we published this year that we thought were noteworthy. At the end, we have a bonus discussion about our favorite movies and video games of the year!