162 – I’m Not Staple

Back on the grind with new music. Fractal Universe, Hacktivist, Krosis, Whitechapel, Amogh Symphony, and Enterprise Earth. Then we discuss, Matt Heafy’s guitar strap for reducing back strain, the neural network that generates Archspire music, Eden’s Devin interview, and the passing of Michael Eikenaar of Nihill and Dodecahedron. Then, cool people time with Sekiro, Hob, and The Occupation. Also this mashup. Enjoy!

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Hacktivist Have ‘Cold Shoulders

So, here’s something that you will probably hate on principle (I don’t blame you): Hacktivist are what I’d call… rap-djent. Yes, this will probably turn off most listeners, but I can definitely see some potential in this kind of music. Right now they sound like Linkin Park meets Tesseract and…