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I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but within the past few years, there has been a Swedish-influenced old school death metal revival going on that has brought with it a legion of exciting and innovative new bands. The best American example of one of these bands is Horrendous, but Sweden has naturally been the forerunner of this movement and is cranking out bands left and right that fall under what I like to call the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal. One of these bands is Tribulation, who started out as really good Entombed worship on their first album, The Horror, but became something entirely different on their second album, The Formulas of Death. In turn, they’ve become one of the most interesting death metal bands on the planet; if you don’t believe me, just listen to their wicked new song, “In the Dreams of the Dead.”

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Pomona, CA death-sludge masters Xibalba have announced details and revealed artwork for their highly anticipated third LP, Tierra Y Libertad. The album will drop January 26th in Europe and the 27th in North America via Southern Lord Records. The band commissioned renowned death metal artist Dan Seagrave for Tierra Y Libertad, famous for classic album covers like Malevolent Creation‘s Retribution, Entombed‘s Left Hand Path, and many more. Head on over the jump for the full track list and more details.

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Black Breath are among the legion of newer bands whose Entombed and Dismember back patches take up the most space on their jean vests. Southern Lord Recordings has now announced that they will continue to support the band’s creative residency in Sweden with their upcoming third album, slated for an early 2015 release. As they have done with their past two albums, the band have selected Kurt Ballou of Converge (a more or less obligatory choice for bands playing entombedcore) to produce this currently untitled project. No further news has been made available as of right now, so look for more updates during their late-November to mid-December stint in the studio. In the meantime, check out their video for “Home of the Grave” from their most recent release, Sentenced to Life after the jump.

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Entombed AD
One half of legendary band Entombed, now known as Entombed AD (I know, I know) has put their new song ‘Vulture and the Traitor’ up for streaming on YouTube. It’s definitely what you would expect but you can go ahead and listen for yourself, right after the jump.

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rapidfire entombedcore

Skinfather - None Will MournSkinfather – None Will Mourn

[Streetcleaner Records]

For those who didn’t know, Entombedcore is becoming the standard moniker for bands who mesh Entombed-style death metal with the hardcore stylings of bands such as Converge. Bands such as Trap Them, Nails, and Black Breath have spearheaded the whole Entombedcore movement and given rise to many similar bands. Skinfather is perhaps the most recent of these bands to gain the spotlight. The first signee to Nails drummer Taylor Young’s new label, Streetcleaner Records, the band’s debut record None Will Mourn was also produced by Young, who did a great job of capturing the band’s raw intensity. The band takes their name after a song of the same name featured on the Dismember album Indecent and Obscene, which is probably not a coincidence, considering the razor sharp buzzsaw riffs on display throughout None Will Mourn are clearly derived from Dismember and the likes. The grooves call to mind early Entombed, albeit soaked in a hardcore attitude. The riffs are thick, meaty and mean. Not a game changer by any means, but a worthy addition to the growing Entombedcore empire.


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trap them blissfucker

Not even two weeks after releasing the second track from their new album Blissfucker, Trap Them have deemed it fit to share more new music. ‘Lungrunners’ is another full tilt tornado of a track, taking the blistering pace of ‘Salted Crypts’ and the hardcore swagger of ‘Organic Infernal’ and smashing the two together. Fans of the band will be moist in their seats at the breakneck tempo that rushes you and does not let up. Fuzz laden riffs and cascading kick drums are here in force so hold onto your hairpiece.

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entombed ad

We’ve been waiting for an Entombed comeback album for some time now, but there has been some confusion and legal woes regarding the use of the name that eventually helped spawn a genre. With founding members Alex Hellid (guitar) and Lars Goran Petrov (vocals) both laying claim to the Entombed name after splitting up, two different versions of Entombed were floating around over the past few years, eventually (and obviously) leading to a legal fork in the road. Despite being the most active iteration of Entombed — signing to Century Media and writing/recording an album last year — the Petrov-fronted sect have been renamed Entombed A.D.

Will their new album Back to the Front do justice to the band’s legacy as an influential death metal act? We’re one step closer to finding out with the single ‘Bedlam Attack’.

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bloodbath logo

Earlier today, Bloodbath issued an announcement via their Facebook page, opening with the astonishing revelation that the band has already written ten new tracks. If that doesn’t have you running for your corpse paint, not only does it look like we’ll be destroyed by a new album soon but it will apparently be featuring a brand new vocalist. We can only guess at his identity but the benign souls over at Bloodbath have graced us with a few helpful clues:

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Ramming-Speed-Doomed-to-Destroy-Destined-To-Die-SmallRamming Speed – Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die

[Prosthetic Records]

Boston and the surrounding areas are like America’s Sweden when it comes to extreme music output, spawning such modern-day heavyweights as Revocation, Converge and The Red Chord, and Ramming Speed are yet another great band hailing from this utopia of heavy metal brilliance. Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die is the second full-length from these Boston natives, and it is a vicious juxtaposition of punk rock attitude, thrash metal riffs and grindcore ferocity, executed perhaps unlike any other album before it. Ramming Speed manage to cohesively blend elements from each of these beloved genres and invent and a style of crossover all their own. Each of the 13 tracks manage to sit at or below the three minute mark in short, chaotic bursts of thrash-grind frenzy, save for the surprisingly epic “Hollow Giants“, which showcases an acoustic interlude and a slower tempo in what is surely meant to be the sole breather in the pack. Cuts such as “Grinding Dissent”,  “Cretins and Cowards”, and “Ashes” strike the balance between thrash gallops and grind blasts almost perfectly, while others, such as “Anthems of Despair” and the “Raining Blood“-esque chug of “Ministry of Truth“, are much more straightforward crossover/ thrash tunes. The songs do start to blend together after a few listens, but it’s still a great record to turn on when freeform jazz passages and atmospheric interludes just don’t sound good. Top the whole package off with a signature production job by the one and only Kurt Ballou, and Ramming Speed have crafted an album that’s bound to turn a few heads.


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What a year. Here is a summary of my most pleasurable listening experiences. Quick shout outs to Gaza, Eldrimner, Acrania (Mexico), Disfiguring the Goddess, Gods of Eden, Trash Talk, Xibalba and TesseracT who just barely missed the cut. Sorry guys.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my list. I didn’t mess around. Just meat and potatoes. Also, I’d love it if you left a comment validating my list or insulting me for terrible taste! Either way, happy doomsday!

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