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This is it guys. Final five. These are still un-ranked inside the list but every single one of these albums received a wide consensus in our staff group. These are the albums we’ve listened to the most in the past six months and we’d like to share them with you. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far, even if we didn’t agree on every point. We appreciate every single one of you (no tears!) and hope to see you on the other side of this incredible year. Thanks for joining us!

Without further ado, here’s an arbitrarily arranged list of awesome albums from 2014 so far. Remember: it’s okay to not like thing.

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“Nobody opens their favorite beer and wonders what it will taste like”. So begins the press release for the new Overkill album, White Devil Armory. There’s no hope in arguing with such a sentence, since it’s obviously correct: we like what we like and we mostly know what to expect from it. However, can we not also expand our horizons and try and remember those times when something we loved completely surprised us? Like Opeth‘s Damnation, like the first time you try sriracha and nutella, getting surprised by something you thought you knew is a rare treat.

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devin townsend project ziltoid

It’s fair to say that more than a few of us here at Heavy Blog are pretty excited about the prospect of Z2, the follow up to Devin Townsend‘s coffee-based space opera Ziltoid The Omniscient. But what could be better than just recieving the record? Well, taking part in it, as Hevy Devy has now set up a new site so that you can add your vocals to three different tracks on the record.

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casualities of cool mountaintop still

Casualties Of Cool may not be one of the most ‘metal’ releases of the year, but it sure is one of the most of interesting. Having been initially crowdfunded, it reached nearly 550% of it’s original target before producing an album we heralded asa distant, desolate, Western landscape with haunted Johnny Cash songs as the soundtrack‘. 

The first video, ‘Mountaintop‘, reveals a little more of the loose ‘concept’ surrounding the album, with visuals from none other than Jessica Cope, whom you may remember from Steven Wilson‘s video for ‘The Raven Who Refused To Sing’:

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son of aurelius

Sophomore albums are the chrysalis in which to-be-established acts germinate. A strong debut release is important but is too often revealed as a fluke or a singular burst of creative energy. Listeners then look to a second release in order to solidify an artist or band as a name to be watched. With Under A Western Sun, Son of Aurelius send out a very clear message: carve our name wherever you can, because we are here to stay. Their sophomore release is nothing short of a complete transformation, a transcendence of the already impossibly high standard these artists have set for themselves in the past.

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devin townsend project ziltoid

Here at Devy Blog Is Devy, we get giddy when anything Devin Townsend comes across our desk, but recently, we got a REAL treat. Devin posted a video, inconspicuously titled “Singing”, and contained within is what appears to be the first preview of vocal recording for Z2. The video can be viewed after the jump.
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casualties of cool

Devin Townsend has forayed into his first crowd funding campaign with Casualties of Cool, succeeding far beyond his initial scope and ending up at 546% at the time of release on May 14. The campaign featured tons of cool packages ranging from a digital download of the album to personal birthday songs to fans and an autographed guitar. Each pledger also received intimate video updates as the process endured. The album was originally slated to be a Devin Townsend Project release, but he decided to forgo that idea and make it a project unto itself. Musically, this material isn’t much of a departure from the subtleties of Ki and Ghost and wouldn’t be too strange billed under the DTP moniker, but the Devin we’ve come to know and love always has a reason for doing things, and perhaps the heady concept inherent here sheds some light on his decision.

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We’ve talked much in the recent few months about “the return” of melodic death metal. Releases from the genre abound and the future seems productive and bright for this somewhat beleaguered genre. We’ve always taken a sympathetic and excited note towards this return, as many of us staff hold the genre close to our hearts. This sparks the question: why? What is it about melodic death metal and the music it contains under its broad wings that makes us love it so much? One need look no further than Insomnium‘s Shadows of the Dying Sun for a clear, resolute answer. This album contains all the power components of melodic death: sweeping emotions, far reaching scenery and brittle hope.

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devin townsend

Devin Townsend, our prolific lord and savior of all that is proggy, has his fingers in way too many pies for me to keep up with. This morning, those that backed the extremely successful Casualties of Cool crowdfunding campaign received their digital download of the record, and last week, drum tracking was completed for the hotly anticipated Ziltoid sequel. Given Devin’s track record of being outrageously busy, assuming that these two projects are the only things on his checklist would be an underestimation of the man’s drive and creativity.

As it turns out, Devin’s had an interest in writing a book — titled Only Half There — and in order to get it off the ground, he’d like to know if there’s enough interest to make the project worth the time and effort. You should know by now, Devin. Don’t even ask. Just bring it!

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GREETINGS, HUMANS! Drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen posted on his Facebook earlier that drum tracking for the upcoming sequel to Devin Townsend‘s once-solo project Ziltoid the Omniscient, currently titled Z2, begins today, May 2nd. Dev wasn’t kidding.

As previously reported, the record will be a double-album, acting as a battle between Ziltoid and The Devin Townsend Project. A tentative tracklist has already been revealed, so it looks like we’ll be hearing more from our favorite extra-terrestrial being soon enough.


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