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Hot damn, but I am excited for the new Skyharbor release! Dan Tompkins is one of my all time favorite singers and a blog favorite. While a new TesseracT album with him looms on the horizon, one must not forget the quite different Skyharbor that is coming our way. Now, the band have released a new track from the release, titled ‘Patience’, backed by a video. Check it out below!

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Hello, hello and welcome to the sixth part in our ongoing series of Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s “Best Of” selections where we explore a genre of music and each of our dedicated authors picks a favorite album to share a personal experience with. Breaking away from genre limitations, we present to you the “Way, Way Different” list. This list focuses on albums that were a clean break in an artist’s or band’s career, whether they spawned follow ups in their likeness or were one-off occasions.

Progression itself is important but not a sole value and thus, we didn’t simply select albums that were just different but albums that were different in a brilliant way. All these releases not only marked a distinct change in a sound or style, but also elevated the music and direction of the artists in question to whole new levels, whether technically or emotionally. This list also has a good chance to spark controversery, as it includes various genres but mostly because one man’s stroke of genius is another man’s selling out. Therefore, let us remind you once again: it’s OK to not like thing! Sound off below with your own suggestions for albums that were Way, Way Different. See you there!

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iamthemorning – Belighted


Progressive Rock is a genre that is, more than anything else, hit or miss. Many times bands have come along with great songs, great musicians, but poor execution. These bands are completely indiscernible from other bands, and frequently draw comparisons to other, more popular, or “bigger” bands within the same genre. While it’s ok to wear your influences proudly, some artists, particularly in prog, let their influences define them, rather than carving out their own special sound that will set them apart. Rarely does a band come around that can take a sound that’s been around for decades and turn it into something fresh and exciting. Iamthemorning, and their Kscope debut album Belighted, have a lot to prove with their first effort. The question is, does the band fall into old or new territory? The answer is not simple; it’s a little bit of both.

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partthreeWe wrap up our look at what your Heavy Blog is Heavy staff is (really) listening to after the break.

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twir-927This week in the Week in Reviews, we look at four brand new records from three different artists, two of whom are not named Devin Townsend.. TWIR after the break.

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Welcome to the fourth part in our ongoing series of Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s “Best Of” selections where we explore a genre of music and each of our dedicated authors picks a favorite album to share a personal experience with. For our fourth list we decided to mix things up a bit and discard the genre limitations all together. Instead, we chose to focus on albums that have retained their original shine, even through dozens and dozens of listenings. This is the Heavy Blog Is Heavy Best Of Albums That Never Broke Edge

We tried to select albums that have been around long enough to prove that they can survive the test of time. However, there was no specific time limitation set so you’ll find albums from all different periods of metal (and some from outside metal). This list is truly eclectic and there’s a reason behind that: we believe that truly great music, music that has enough substance to survive past the first 50 or even 100 listenings, truly crosses all genres. Keep your mind open and your ears alert as we take you down the twisted path of our staff’s favorite albums.

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devin townsend project euro tour

It is with the most selfish of smirks that I am writing this news. Our beloved maestro of majestic musical extravaganza Devin Townsend is taking his Devin Townsend Project and Ziltoid across mainland Europe and the UK. With him are the ever polarizing Periphery and the hands down batshit SHINING. While you fine people residing in the US do get more tours and are spoiled by local acts, us Euros do luck out sometimes and this is definitely one of those occasions. Get the tour dates after the jump. View Full Article »

Your entire Heavy Blog is Heavy staff took Labor Day off (even the ones in countries that think Labor Day is for expectant mothers) so it’s a little surprising how much sick content we rolled out for you this week. We’ll share the good shit after the jump.

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We love Devin Townsend so much that Devy Blog Is Devy is definitely a thing which exists shut up yes it does. On the long road towards the release of the upcoming Ziltoid album, starting with the insanely successful Casualties of Cool crowd funding campaign, we’ve been eagerly awaiting this release, hanging on every bit of information, whether official or just via Twitter. We can finally say that the man himself has released an official press notice, including a release date and a very exciting live performance. Check it out in full below the jump!

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We’ve been talking a lot about Xerath‘s upcoming album, III, due to release on September the 16th. That’s because we’re frankly super excited for it, among making of videos, bass play-throughs and other tidbits. Now, the band has released a full track off the upcoming album, which you can check out right after the jump. What are you waiting for?

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