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Devin Townsend Project - Rejoice

Today is an excellent day. Why, you ask? Why it’s because we have new music from the Devin Townsend Project to share with all of you! It was premiered through Kerrang! and it’s fantastic. What else did you expect? This time, it’s from Sky Blue, the first disc of Z2. You can check out our 5/5 review for Sky Blue here. Before you do that, though, check out the brand new song, ‘Rejoice’, after the jump!

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Another transmission from our favorite fourth dimensional guitar hero, Ziltoid the Omniscient, has been received! If you missed the first one, do not fret! The first episode is still available for transmission to your primitive internet device here. This new episode is all about the intelligence that Ziltoid has gathered about us through his observations. If you’re interested in what he has to say about our species, check out his second intercepted transmission after the jump!

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Devin Townsend Project - Deathray

Okay, technically it’s the Poozer’s deathray, but let’s not nitpick because we have the first track to premiere from the ever so anticipated Z2! The track premiered yesterday through Metal Hammer and puts the listener right smack dab in the middle of the story of Dark Matters (Check out our glowing review of that here) which may leave you confused until you hear the whole album. At least you have a great song to hold you over until then! Prepare to be blasted after the jump.

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You may have already seen our reviews for the two discs of the Devin Townsend Project‘s excellent Z2Sky Blue and Dark Matters, but what you may not have seen is the first webisode of our favorite 4th dimensional guitar hero’s very own show ZTV! The first of the three webisodes debuted through the brand new website for Z2. Prepare for assimilation after the jump!

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When we first met the Fourth Dimensional Guitar Hero, Ziltoid The Omniscient, he was on a journey across the Omniverse to find the ultimate cup of coffee. His journey had led him to the little blue planet named Earth. His efforts were fruitless when the humans gave him less than he desired, he attacked with his Ziltoidian army. The venerable Captain Spectacular sets out to Nebula 9 to find Ziltoid after his eventual departure, only to be tailed by him instead. During Captain Spectacular’s moment of vulnerability Ziltoid shows off his power by summoning the legendary Sixth-Dimensional Planetsmasher. The Planetsmasher wants nothing to do with Ziltoid in the end, explaining his hatred for musicals being the reason. This causes Ziltoid to resort to other methods of dealing with the humans. He visits the Omnidimensional Creator, who gives Ziltoid the most catastrophic news he could ever receive: the fact that he is a puppet. In the end, we find out Ziltoid was only the figment of a tired barista’s imagination, the repetition of his day creating the story of a coffee loving alien.

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Devin Townsend Project – Sky Blue


Devin Townsend has done everything, it seems. He’s explored wide varieties of sounds through his various projects and eclectic records. He’s made albums with roots in blues, electronic dance music, technical metal and even new-age soundscapes, which have all been under the moniker of the Devin Townsend Project. The next thing on the list was the long-awaited follow up to his 2007 concept album, Ziltoid the Omniscient, aptly titled Z2. We got more than we ever could have hoped for when he announced that it would be a double album, with the first disc being Sky Blue and the second disc being Dark Matters, which was the sequel to Ziltoid. The man gives and gives and gives and never seems to run out.  What he has done here is construct an album that not only stands up on it’s own as an excellent release but also pulls from his previous releases while simultaneously pushing sounds that previously played minor roles into a much larger spotlight.

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devin townsend project euro tour

It is with the most selfish of smirks that I am writing this news. Our beloved maestro of majestic musical extravaganza Devin Townsend is taking his Devin Townsend Project and Ziltoid across mainland Europe and the UK. With him are the ever polarizing Periphery and the hands down batshit SHINING. While you fine people residing in the US do get more tours and are spoiled by local acts, us Euros do luck out sometimes and this is definitely one of those occasions. Get the tour dates after the jump. View Full Article »


Over the last few days, our favorite label of the moment Blood Music have been unveiling the mockups of the different versions of their ambitious Moonsorrow 14LP collection, the largest metal vinyl boxset in history. On Wednesday, Metal Injection showed off the Die Hard edition, while Invisible Oranges showcased the Splatter edition —- version on Thursday. We’re proud to provide a further look into Blood Music’s Moonsorrow collection in the form off the limited 100 copy White Edition!

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ryan van poederooyen devin townsend project

By now we should all be well aware of the dangers of attending and playing shows without proper ear protection. Long-term exposure to high volume and harsh frequencies can lead to Tinnitus, a permanent ringing of the ears coupled with partial hearing loss. It’s not a matter of “being a wimp” at metal shows — cases of tinnitus have been documented as being so severe that people have committed suicide in order to escape the ringing. I try to bring ear plugs to shows when I can, but at the end of the day, it simply feels better when walking out of a show and not feeling like I have cotton jammed in my ears for hours afterwards.

Don’t just take it from me: more and more professional musicians are advocating for proper hearing protection and tinnitus awareness. Devin Townsend Project drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen is the latest musician to urge fans to wear ear plugs, going as far as announcing that he now experiences tinnitus after years of playing.

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Issues – Issues



01. Sad Ghost
02. Mad At Myself
03. Life of a Nine
04. The Langdon House
05. Late
06. Old Dena
07. Stingray Affliction
08. Never Lose Your Flames
09. Personality Cult
10. Tears on the Runway, Pt. 2
11. The Settlement
12. Disappear (Remember When)

[Rise Records]

The union of metal and pop music is a polarizing thought, but it is certainly not a new development. Modern metal acts such as Scar Symmetry utilize simple song structures and highly accessible melodies for a more subtle blend, but there acts that are more straightforward in their intentions. Devin Townsend Project‘s albums Addicted! and Epicloud were both praised for the smart and seamless amalgam of pop and heavy metal, even after publicly citing Nickelback as a key influence. The Dillinger Escape Plan have even dabbled in overt pop-worship for years as well.

We’ve seen proof that the style can be pulled off with finesse, should the best aspects of both genres are utilized; there’s nothing inherently wrong with using downtuned guitars to write catchy and heartfelt music with soaring vocal hooks, so long as you do it with some intelligence and creativity. Issues is one such band that openly embraces the “pop metal” tag, but ultimately fails at creating a fun or interesting listening experience on their self-titled debut.

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