Hey! Listen To Frozen Ocean!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: black metal has had an amazing past few years, at least in terms of artists redefining what the genre can do. We’ve had Behemoth come out with what is arguably their best studio album to date, The Satanist; the so-called “blackgaze”…

Primitive Weapons – The Future Of Death

Getting near that time of year when music critics start panicking that they might have already found their album of the year, the likes of Primitive Weapons show up. Guitars slung low and played violently, leaving a wanton trail of aural oblivion. People desperately trying to come up with a new last.fm tag for this type of music. Opinions will be divided, some will naysay but a few of these critics (from all walks and stages of life, mind you) will start to gush lavish praise on this magnificent entry into the world of heavy. It’s already begun? Well of course it has! This is The Future Of Death.

Hey! Listen to Cranial!

Post metal/atmospheric metal has an annoyingly ubiquitous sort of feel these days, doesn’t it? It seems as though every Friday we see yet another release of a band following in the footsteps of a Isis or Deafhaven, and more and more these releases continue to disappoint me, either through ad nauseam repeitition with little progression, or just uninspired songwriting. But I am here to say that although these releases won’t stop for a few more, there do exist some really good, post metal bands, although they’re very underground. In this case, I refer to Cranial and their debut EP Dead Ends, released by Germany’s Moment of Collapse Records.

Fuath – I

For a musician like Andy Marshall, whose experimentation ranges greatly on his Saor releases, this is a loving pause and meditation on a style of music that has considerably progressed in the past two decades. If you like standard black metal, or are even just starting out in the genre, this is an album to at least listen to. It offers none of the frills of Saor, and it is unapologetic of that fact. One must simply take it as it is: solid, traditional, black metal.

WRVTH: Top 10 of 2015

As you could probably guess, this week is all about discussing our favorite albums from 2015. However, we decided to have a few special guests also discuss their top 10 albums from the year, and why they placed where they did. This week, we have not one, but all five…