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So we had a lot of fun last week posting some of the 3×3 collages of what we’re really listening to.  We’ll get a prog metal celeb’s take after the jump.

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code orange i am kingThe long, grueling wait is finally over! Code Orange are streaming their brand new record I am King through YouTube. If you like getting insanely angry and carving phrases into your forehead, then you definitely need to hear this. The coronation is after the jump.

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Not a week after prolific hardcore label A389 Recordings dropped a behemoth of a mixtape on our undeserving heads, Deathwish Inc. are at it now with a summer sampler of their own! The brainchild of Tre Watson and the most revered front man of Heavy Blog favorites Converge, Deathwish has been putting out exemplary hardcore and avant-garde releases for more than a decade now. You can’t throw an extended range guitar at our year end lists without hitting a Deathwish album! This 20 track sampler is full of label favorites and a few that you might have missed if you haven’t been paying attention. Well, pay attention. View Full Article »

Code Orange Kids/Twitching Tongues Tour

Code Orange Kids are now grown up and have declared themselves king under the name Code Orange, so the natural next step in their career would be to announce a huge tour, right? Right. Today the band took to Facebook to announce the month long trek across America they will be making with Twitching Tongues, and a slew of other bands as well, including a couple of our favorites,  Nails! They were also kind enough to throw a new track our way, courtesy of Alternative Press. You can stream ‘My World’ over at AltPress’ website. Check out the tour dates below, and make sure to follow the key to find out who you will and will not see at your date.
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code orange i am king

The air of change has whistled through the Code Orange Kids camp and transformed them into simply Code Orange and, naturally, the music has evolved in turn too. I’m not one hundred percent on how to describe it, but it seems to take the off-kilter hardcore of Love Is Love//Return To Dust and makes it even grittier, noisier and more obtuse. Definitely an interesting listen.

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code orange i am king

Not many bands change a perfectly good name once they’ve already made that title a name for themselves as a well respected band. Since their inception, I haven’t heard a single negative thing online about Philly’s Code Orange Kids, which is a certainly a feat not easily accomplished in the fickle metal and hardcore community. Well, I take that back. Today’s the first time I’ve ever seen it happen, as the group bewilder just about everyone by changing their name to Code Orange, dropping the character-giving “Kids” from their title. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see how well it plays out for them.

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So this is a bit of a pleasant surprise. Deathwish Inc., whom you may know as the record label setup by Tre McCarthy and Jacob Bannon (Converge) have announced plans to put together a couple of all-dayers in July, featuring a whole selection of bands from their roster. It’s every bit as crusty and heavy as it sounds.

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Yearly Philadelphia hardcore festival This Is Hardcore has just presented its final lineup for 2014, taking place from July 24th through the 27th.

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code orange kids king

You know what’s fun? Putting your details into a website that could even be a psychotic cult trying to garner your personal information for nefarious purposes. And it seems that is exactly what Code Orange Kids are going for with their new ‘Thinners Of The Herd’ teases. If you’ve followed the band on any type of social media, then you’ve probably been sent to this bare bones site, where you can enter your name and e-mail for no reason, other than your own personal curiosity.

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ETID winter 2013 tour

When it comes to modern hardcore group, it’s hard to find a band more powerful than Every Time I Die. Generally, when they hit the road for a headlining trek, they bring along stellar support, and their latest North American headlining tour was no exception. Bringing along Letlive and Code Orange Kids in tow, Every Time I Die delivered a straight month’s worth of MOSH to ring in the holiday season. Regularly contributing photographer Maclyn Bean attended the tour’s stop in Asbury Park, NJ to capture the show, and you can view the photos below.

Code Orange Kids


Every Time I Die

For original high resolution images and more from the photographer, visit Maclyn Bean Photography on Flickr.

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