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So this is a bit of a pleasant surprise. Deathwish Inc., whom you may know as the record label setup by Tre McCarthy and Jacob Bannon (Converge) have announced plans to put together a couple of all-dayers in July, featuring a whole selection of bands from their roster. It’s every bit as crusty and heavy as it sounds.

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Yearly Philadelphia hardcore festival This Is Hardcore has just presented its final lineup for 2014, taking place from July 24th through the 27th.

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code orange kids king

You know what’s fun? Putting your details into a website that could even be a psychotic cult trying to garner your personal information for nefarious purposes. And it seems that is exactly what Code Orange Kids are going for with their new ‘Thinners Of The Herd’ teases. If you’ve followed the band on any type of social media, then you’ve probably been sent to this bare bones site, where you can enter your name and e-mail for no reason, other than your own personal curiosity.

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ETID winter 2013 tour

When it comes to modern hardcore group, it’s hard to find a band more powerful than Every Time I Die. Generally, when they hit the road for a headlining trek, they bring along stellar support, and their latest North American headlining tour was no exception. Bringing along Letlive and Code Orange Kids in tow, Every Time I Die delivered a straight month’s worth of MOSH to ring in the holiday season. Regularly contributing photographer Maclyn Bean attended the tour’s stop in Asbury Park, NJ to capture the show, and you can view the photos below.

Code Orange Kids


Every Time I Die

For original high resolution images and more from the photographer, visit Maclyn Bean Photography on Flickr.


Every year, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas brings together some of the best acts in rock, hip-hop, comedy, and action sports. With a lineup as diverse as theirs, it’d be pretty impractical for a niche blog to cover everything, but the hardcore and metal presence across the fest’s three days is enough to draw our attention! Photographer Maclyn Bean flew out from Philly to Austin to cover the fest, and you can catch select day one photos below, featuring Code Orange Kids, Ceremony, Title Fight, Patton Oswalt, and Pelican!

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You may remember Code Orange Kids as the jagged art-y hardcore act that blew our mind last year with their debut LP Love Is Love // Return To Dust and, while they dabbled with dreamy post-rock build-up’s on that album, for the most part was packed full of crusty Converge-isms and angular riffs. However, on the band’s upcoming four way split with Self Defense FamilyTiger’s Jaw and the wonderfully named The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, the band have continued further down that more subdued and less immediate path.

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Scion Rockfest

The word has been out for a little while that Scion Rock Fest was going to continue this year on June 1st in Memphis, TN, but now there’s half of a lineup to work with! Scion Rock Fest shared the above admat on their Facebook page, announcing half of the show’s lineup as follows:

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Reel Metal

Well folks, it’s 2013 and I’m long overdue in returning my ear to the ground for metal music videos. There were a lot of awesome videos that made away clean from my scrutiny in 2012, but alas I have returned with my sword unsheathed; armed for battle and hell-bent on never letting an absence of my contribution extend to such a duration again – despite how demanding my real-world job may be.


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T’is that beautiful time of year again. A season of good will, understanding and compassion towards your fellow man — a time for giving, loving and appreciating. The cold may have rolled in and the trees may have shed their once vibrant foliage, but the world finds solace in the love and company of others.  It’s a time to reflect on the memories of the year and plan ahead for the next.

But most of all it’s a time to listen brutal fucking metal and drink a fuck tonne of Advocaat, because 2012 was full of great releases and now’s your chance to catch on releases you may have missed or may have never even heard of. My first draft of this list was composed of 30 albums, which then shot up to 37 when I realised that I had forgotten to include EPs. Everything from new bands that came out of nowhere to blow my mind (We Are Knuckle DraggerBloodshot DawnOddlandExotic Animal Petting Zoo etc) to the old guard continuing their brilliant legacy (GojiraAbortedNapalm DeathDeftones etc) all unfortunately fell by the wayside in the ruthless culling exercise that produced this list. And I regret cutting every single one of them, but alas, if I was talk about every album this year that was great, I’d probably lose your attention pretty quickly. Who am I kidding? You’ve most likely already skipped on to the list and you’re not even reading this bit. I could write anything I want here and no one would notice. Anything at all.

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Code Orange Kids are a four piece hardcore band that mean business. Releasing a few EPs and a split prior, their upcoming release Love Is Love // Return To Dust is definitely an album that I’m glad Dethcaek pointed out to me.  It’s certainly shaping up to be a year end highlight, if what we’ve heard so far is any indication. They have just released their pre-orders via Deathwish. Vinyl for twelve dollars, shirts for thirteen, and posters for two, it’s definitely not something to pass up if you’re a fan of Converge, Enabler, and Encrust.

Love Is Love // Return To Dust is out November 19th via Deathwish Records, though Code Orange Kids are streaming their new Kurt Ballou produced album in in full at this location. Keep an eye out for a full review in the coming weeks. If you’re not feeling dedicated enough to check out the stream, the video for the band’s single ‘Flowermouth (The Leech)‘ can be viewed below:

- SS

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