Hollow Leg – Civilizations

When approaching progressive stoner, you have two choices: you can choose to prefer the progressive part of things or the stoner part of things. Which you choose will invariably impact the style of your music; both elements will be present but both elements are also notoriously dominant and so, the…

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Hey! Listen to Moths!

As the year nears its death, many emotions can be felt. Rebirth, decline, melancholy, joy, hope, despair, and many more all jostle for metaphorical space in our communal psyche. It can get pretty tiring, the constant narrative noise, year end summaries, retrospectives, and the such. You know what’s a good…

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Zapruder – Zapruder

Having a vital member of the band move halfway across the world hasn’t stopped France’s Zapruder from enjoying themselves. Others would have felt the blow of their vocalist leaving way harder than this particular rock’n’roll act. Over two and a half years since everyone’s favourite Heavy Blog cretin wrote about…

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Mentor – Cults, Crypts and Corpses

Have you ever asked yourself: “I wonder what Clutch but with thrash metal influences thrown in would sound like?” If, like me, you’ve answered that question with “uuuhhhh hell fucking yes”, then Mentor’s debut, full length release, Cults, Crypts and Corpses is exactly what you need. They make a kind of no holds barred,…

Deschain – Grit Part 2: Drift

Have you ever stopped to consider how weird it is that American metal bands from across all genres (but especially heavy and black metal) adopt what are essentially Germanic/Scandinavian symbology and cultural language? After all, while a more significant portion of Germans did make up early and mid-19th century American…

Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions

Like Neil Fallon (the legendary vocalist for Clutch, in case you somehow got lost and wondered onto this review without knowing that) on track “How to Shake Hands”, I know that what the people want is straight talk and no jive. So let’s get right down to facts. Fact: Clutch have never released a bad album. Even the somewhat denigrated Jam Room contains some straight bangers and the rest of their discography moves between good and great. Fact: no one has fun like Clutch. There’s just something about the mix of super deep American mythology (fact: “White’s Ferry” still gives me chills), their unwillingness to take themselves too seriously and the earnestness of their long career that is unmatched in the annals of rock n’ roll. Fact: Book of Bad Decisions is another excellent release from one of America’s best, and, for all their popularity and success, one of the most underrated, bands.