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A Dark Orbit – Inverted

a dark orbit

Maybe the hardest hitting album with an astronaut on the cover, ever, Inverted is going to be the first major milestone people look at when they Google (there are other search engines available…) A Dark Orbit. A big, brutal beast of a record, it may take some repeated listens to digest the ideas, patterns and sounds present. With the proper attention and a little patience however, this album gives so much while still demanding a lot of the listener. These thick, repeated grooves share the limelight with a seemingly endless amount of filthy, planet clearing beat/breakdowns. Hardcore influenced, progressive modern doom? Fuck knows. Leave the genre tags where they are for now and let’s dig in.

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Aidan Cunningham of Murdock: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview


A few month ago I popped over to catch Monuments’ most recent UK headline run. In support were Basick reps No Consequence and Murdock. Now, I surprisingly enjoyed the new No Consequence album but it was Murdock who I was there to see. After waiting (im)patiently for their first full length, I was left reeling by just how good it was. If you haven’t already given time to Dead Lung then you are a fool and I will smite you. It’s a frenetic, rich sounding album that skips across genres faster than the brain can comprehend. Before their raucous set, I managed to catch Aidan, the singer/songwriter/guitarist of Murdock for a couple of words. We jumped in his van (he was very gentle) and shared some words about Basick Records, Ireland and of course, chicken shits.

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No Consequence Will Render You “Speechless” With New Video

No-Consequence-2015Basick representatives No Consequence are new to me but on the back of the release of their new video for “Speechless”, I should really have been paying them more attention. Strike that up to too much great music coming out over the last year or so. The English progressive metal group just dropped the shiniest new video you’ve seen this year and it comes along with a groovy as hell tune too. Get it after the jump.

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The Colour Line Sign To Basick Records

the colour line 2015

In 2013, we introduced our new free compilation series with Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One. It was a good blend of genres we enjoy here at Heavy Blog, but it contained a handful of up-and-coming hardcore bands from the UK. Since then, one of our favorite indie labels Basick Records has signed not one, but TWO acts from the compilation. Not to toot our own horn, but Basick has just proven that we’re on the cutting edge of talent scouting here. Other labels, take note: our staff-curated compilations feature A+ potential signees ripe for the picking. Even Relapse Records agrees!

Earlier this year, Murdock were picked up by the label and announced that they would be releasing their much anticipated debut album Dead Lung on April 13th. Now, a second Heavy Comp Alumni, The Colour Line, has joined the Basick ranks and will release a new album later this year!

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Damned Spring Fragrantia Hit UK Shores

damned spring uk tour april 2014 Basick Records’ Italian representatives Damned Spring Fragrantia have announced a handful of UK dates with support from Nexilva (who have recently signed to Ghost Music and Subliminal Groove Records) and Scottish groove contingent From Sorrow To Serenity. The djentmathcore (I’m struggling for a genre here, clearly) band from Parma are set to hit several clubs in Scotland and England as part of their return to the UK.

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Alaya Bring ‘Sleep‘ With New Track

alaya video still

OK, they don’t really. I just had to manhandle the track name into the title somehow and I’m not great at it, if you hadn’t clocked so far.

Being entirely truthful, the new Alaya track is pretty great. When they were first uncovered by Basick Records last year, we praised the band for their obvious penchant for catchy and yet not completely obvious instrumental melodies and frontman Evan Dunn’s huge vocals — with ‘Sleep‘, all those factors are still in play and it all points to their upcoming debut Thrones, set for release on March 17th, being set to continue the basically spotless Basick track record.

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Basick Give Us A Deal

basick discovery

Basick Records are definitely one of the better labels out there right now, especially in terms of forward-thinking progressive metal. Their lineup includes bands such as The Algorithm, Uneven Structure, Dissipate and Glass Cloud, just to give you an idea. Anyways, they’re now doing a new promotion called ‘The Summer Of Discovery’, and it sounds like a pretty good deal.

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New Misery Signals Album And Tour Coming Soon! Bonus Song Preview!

misery signals 2013

As a long-time fan of Misery Signals, I am absolutely stoked for their newest album Absent Light. Using IndieGoGo to fund album creation – and all the fun perks that come with it such as a tour cycle and merchandise – the band doubled their campaign goal by raising $104,060 after everything was said and done.  And just today Basick Records announced they would be exclusively helping the band distribute the album throughout both the UK and Europe.

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