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Skyharbor Evolution

In May, Skyharbor announced that they would be crowd funding their second album. So far it would appear that was a good decision on their part, seeing as they have reached 85% of their pledge goal. Today we were treated to the first single for the album, ‘Evolution’, and the name could not be any more perfect.

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damned spring uk tour april 2014 Basick Records’ Italian representatives Damned Spring Fragrantia have announced a handful of UK dates with support from Nexilva (who have recently signed to Ghost Music and Subliminal Groove Records) and Scottish groove contingent From Sorrow To Serenity. The djentmathcore (I’m struggling for a genre here, clearly) band from Parma are set to hit several clubs in Scotland and England as part of their return to the UK. View Full Article »

alaya video still

OK, they don’t really. I just had to manhandle the track name into the title somehow and I’m not great at it, if you hadn’t clocked so far.

Being entirely truthful, the new Alaya track is pretty great. When they were first uncovered by Basick Records last year, we praised the band for their obvious penchant for catchy and yet not completely obvious instrumental melodies and frontman Evan Dunn’s huge vocals — with ‘Sleep‘, all those factors are still in play and it all points to their upcoming debut Thrones, set for release on March 17th, being set to continue the basically spotless Basick track record.

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I’m going to skip the intro because I know most of you just want to read the list.

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basick discovery

Basick Records are definitely one of the better labels out there right now, especially in terms of forward-thinking progressive metal. Their lineup includes bands such as The Algorithm, Uneven Structure, Dissipate and Glass Cloud, just to give you an idea. Anyways, they’re now doing a new promotion called ‘The Summer Of Discovery’, and it sounds like a pretty good deal.

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misery signals 2013

As a long-time fan of Misery Signals, I am absolutely stoked for their newest album Absent Light. Using IndieGoGo to fund album creation – and all the fun perks that come with it such as a tour cycle and merchandise – the band doubled their campaign goal by raising $104,060 after everything was said and done.  And just today Basick Records announced they would be exclusively helping the band distribute the album throughout both the UK and Europe.

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fake likes

Image submitted by Katie Jackson.

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a bit of a crisis brewing in social media that seems to be strangely isolated in bands in the djent, metalcore, and progressive metal scene. Bands have started seeing an outrageous influx of likes from fake pages. On the surface, it could have easily been assumed that bands were buying up fake likes to boost their numbers, but it’s much deeper and complex than that.

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Skyharbor‘s debut album is a contender for my “Best of” list, as it’s one of the best progressive metal albums to grace my earholes all year. So I was really excited when they posted a video of the song ‘Aurora’, because it has become one of my favorite tracks on the entire record.

The video is of Keshav and Nikhil playing guitar and bass respectively, and it’s a great video, showing how beautiful their playing is. They also announce that they will be a part of Euroblast 2012, which is super awesome for you folks across the pond.

Oh, and did I mention that Dan Tompkins of former TesseracT fame will be their live singer? Yeah. Time to get on that Excitebike.

Blinding White Noise: Illusion And Chaos is out now via Basick Records. Catch Skyharbor at Euroblast 2012 is October 18-21st in Cologne, Germany.

– SS

Things get competitive (what Olympics?) in London this September when two of the best underground labels go head to head in a showcase at the Underworld in Camden, for the ridiculous price of £7. Siege Of Amida may not get mentioned as often as some of the Basick alumni like Chimp SpannerAliases or Visions but Dyscarnate and Dripback are two of the best underground extreme acts around at the moment — the former peddling some truly crushing death metal and the latter playing some bastardised version of thrash. If you’re in or around London, get to this, every single one of these acts is making waves in the underground and if you need some convincing there’s some audio/visual goodies just after the jump!

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Every month, Basick Records has been doing a thing they like to call “Freebie Friday,” where they slash prices at the Basick Store and give customers 24% off of their order for 24 hours, beginning Friday morning at 9AM UK time (4 AM EST) when using the promo code ‘YESITSFRIDAY’. Oh hey, that’s happening right now!

To celebrate flagship artist Chimp Spanner‘s impending US live debut with The Contortionist, Jeff Loomis, 7 Horns 7 Eyes (dates here), Basick are going all out this time, giving us a bunch of cool stuff to give away! Here’s what is available:

  • One grand prize package featuring a tee, vinyl, pookie poster, CD, and a signed inflatable guitar.
  • Five codes for a free download of Chimp Spanner’s latest All Roads Lead Here EP
  • Five codes for a free download of At The Dreams Edge

So to keep count, eleven people will be winning something today! To enter for these prizes, leave a comment (with your email so we can contact you if you win) with a caption for following photo of Chimpy himself, Paul Ortiz.

Leave a witty caption or turn him into a meme-worthy image macro. Be witty and creative. Remember, eleven people are walking away richer in The Spanner today, so your chances are good!

So help support an independent record label continue their plot for world dominance and make that purchase you were always wanting to make. I saw you eying that Uneven Structure Februus shirt and Glass Cloud bundle. Now you can own it on the cheap.

– JR

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