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August Burns Red Are Ready For The Wake With New Single


August Burns Red are a super talented band, but their last two albums just didn’t cut the mustard for me. After hearing the masterpiece that was Constellations, I knew it would be very difficult to top it, and the band have had shimmers of hope, but have still not surpassed it. However, I’m always happy when the band releases new music, because even if the album isn’t as good, it’s still some very solid metalcore. Now the band are back, and with a super heavy song, which should please everyone. Check it after the jump!

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August Burns Red Reveal New Album, Found In Far Away Places; Due Out This Summer


Seminal metalcore act August Burns Red have waited for this moment—the reveal of their upcoming album titled Found in Far Away Places. The band have revealed a trailer for the album, due out on June 30th, 2015, via Fearless Records, a track listing, and are set to start taking preorders for the records on April 13th.

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PHOTOS: August Burns Red, Miss May I, Northlane, Fit For A King, ERRA—January 22nd, 2015 @ Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD


January 22nd, 2015 marked the first stop of the six-and-a-half week tour featuring ERRA, Fit for a King, Northlane, Miss May I, and August Burns Red. The night was an absolute madhouse as fans of high-energy metalcore packed Baltimore Soundstage from the photo pit to the merch stands at the back of the venue. I have been to many metal concerts as well as college raves at Baltimore Soundstage and none of those nights could even compare in terms of the sheer number of people in attendance. Even though it was the first night of the tour, everybody’s performance was full of energy and on point. The band’s that night embodied “The Frozen Flame Tour” perfectly. Although they may have been frozen and frostbitten by the cold winter air, their passion for their music burned strong and shines brightly on stage. If you are looking to catch a great tour this winter, go and see the date closest to you. You will not be disappointed.

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ERRA’s New EP, Moments Of Clarity, Now Available; Check Out ‘Warrior’


Progressive metalcore-slash-djent proliferators ERRA have returned with a brand new EP called Moment of Clarity! Having recently signed with Sumerian Records, where bands like Periphery and The Dillinger Escape Plan reside, ERRA were proud to unleash their first track, “Dreamcatcher,” unto the world.

Back again, this time with a full release, “Warrior” is the latest jam from the five song EP, which is available now via the new label.

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Cannibal Corpse – A Skeletal Domain

cannibal corpse

Cannibal Corpse. You know the name, you know the sound. You either love them or hate them. It’s been that way since they released their debut in 1990, 24 years ago. The band has come a long way since then, with various lineup changes, progression, and sometimes even stagnation. The band’s last 2 records were lacking when compared to previous works, especially Kill, which many of us here consider one of their best records, and on this reviewer considers their best since 1996’s Vile. For a band that has done essentially the same thing for the past two decades, how can they possibly get better? How could they possibly do the same thing in a different way and make an album that truly stands out in nearly every way?

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Farewell, 2013: Alucard’s Top 10 Albums Of 2013


2013 was a difficult year for me musically. Choosing ten albums that stuck with me, meant something to me, was not an easy task. No other year in my memory did I spend more time listening to albums from years past than albums from the current year. There were, however, many albums I did enjoy. Every album I gave a positive review was worth quite a few listens. My biggest problem this year was the mass amounts of hype surrounding certain albums, a few of which I really wanted to enjoy. Album’s like The Ocean‘s Pelagial started off strong enough but fizzled around the halfway mark. So, here are ten albums, and some honorable mentions, that provided me with entertainment, inspiration, and some great drives.

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Farewell, 2013: Karchomp’s Top 10 of 2013

I actually hate making lists, and truth be told I hardly listen to records the year they come out. I’m still stuck in 2005 when metalcore was still worth listening to. But I managed to throw together what I think is a good summary of both my personal tastes and what I found worth listening to this year. Enjoy the thing and praise lil b